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Capacity Building Youth “SCRED”

Sport Community ReportED

Project Code: 2020(EAC/A02/2019)

EU Grant: 123.632,00 €

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia

Coordinating Organization: Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu (PL)

Participating Countries:

  • People’s Voice Media (ENGLAND),
  • Bright Learning Media (SOUTH AFRICA),
  • Soul X-pression (UGANDA),
  • Mine Vaganti NGO (ITALY),
  • Jeunesse en Action Gno Far (SENEGAL)

Project dates: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2022

The project aims at employ Sport at the level of grassroots youth and civil society groups as an instrument to gather people together for reflecting and acting on common challenges and concerns.

SCRED (Sport Community ReportED) employs the potential of Sport and Community Reporting to empower youth workers in Europe and Africa in stimulating the recognition and use of Sport its quality as agent of community participation and approach to address the problems and needs of society and, particularly, disadvantaged young people. Community reporting is a storytelling movement that uses responsible storytelling practices and digital tools such as portable and pocket technologies to support people telling and sharing their own stories. To Achieving the project’s goals the following techniques will be used: Snapshot Stories, Dialogue Interviews and Personal Monologues. All of stories will be posted on the web-platform.

Events and Project target groups:

1) Kick-off: 2 participants staff members per partners.

2) Training Format: 3 participants per country (1 Manager per partner organization coordinating the work of local staff + 2Trainers per partner).

3)Training Course: 4 youth workers who are regular members of the partner organizations’ staff aged 18+ per partner for a total 24 participants. Gender balance is required (2 male-2 female).

4) Youth Exchange with Community Report:5 young people aged 18-25 plus 1 group leader (+18) with no age limit per partner organization, for a total 36.

5) Mid-Term Meeting: 2 staff members per partner.

6) Meeting of final project, evaluation and sustainability: 2 staff members per partners.

Intellectual Output

IO 1: Implementation of regular activities by partner organizations, all representing entities with established outreach to the local communities and youth groups. Each partner will carry out follow-up activities with a yearly regularity after the end of the project.

IO 2: Internal dissemination with sharing of knowledge from participants (youth workers) to non-project staff members.

IO 3: Empowerment of young people who are active in Sport as community reporters, support to their autonomous activities and involvement of the latter in future projects of follow-up.

IO 4: Visibility of products on project Web Platform, availability of the latter products on partners’ Websites and diffusion in partners’ networks, empowering the offspring of replication initiatives in partner countries and beyond. Web Platform’s contents will be available at least 5 years for reaching people in many countries as possible.

To produce these results, we intend to use non-formal and human rights education methodology, mindfulness and self-responsibility theory.

Project objectives/is supportive of the identified priorities as follows:

a) Producing and piloting Training Format for developing youth workers as trainers in community reporting programs targeted at young people who are active in Sport;

b) Empowering young people who are active in Sport as Community Reporters on grassroots Sport practice at the level of the community in a Youth Exchange;

c) Carrying out a phase of local activity where in Sport community reporters will collect community insights on the local added value of Sport, producing reports, digital products (Videos) and implementing final events;

d) Fostering digital visibility and learning through an open Web Platform;

e) Creating a network of partners for long-term cooperation.

More info about the project: