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Capacity Building Youth “ASI” MVI

Project TOPICs

“ASI” – “Art of Social Innovators” project is primarily focusing its aim at deploying Social Innovation and Circular Economy as a means for inclusion, active citizenship and solidarity, employability and entrepreneurship among youth with fewer opportunities in disadvantaged rural communities in Europe and Asia. By this we are promoting and reinforcing the connection between Youth NGOs, youth operators and local stakeholders in the field of Social Innovation & Circular Economy around developing tools and skills that are aimed to guide youth at using the local resources, sustainability, and finally develop social enterprises that are answering needs in their communities.


• young people with fewer opportunities from rural areas aged (14-30 yrs) in Europe and Asia, who have technological resources (at least smart phones) and 

• youth workers who are using non formal education in their work with youngsters. The project is also aimed to enhance the organisational capacity and skills of the participating organisations and even reaching further to their local networks promoting the outcomes of a valuable transcontinental partnership. 




Main Activities during the project:

– kick-off meeting in Romania

– Seminar in Romania

– Training Course “Art in Innovation” (for youth workers) in Thailand.

– Local Youth Workshops in each country (for youth in local communities). NFE training.

– Youth Exchange “YOU-nnovate” Nepal.

– Seminar for youth “YOU-nnovate it!” South Korea.

Project objectives / is supportive of the identified priorities as follows:

a) Promoting the tools and methods that are meant to cultivate the spirit of innovation, sustainability, circular economy to youth operators and youth leaders through a set of NFE methods that can be deployed in practice leading to empower social enterprises, employability and solidarity among rural and urban groups;

b) Developing planning abilities of sustainable actions to implement ideas and get into employability, social entrepreneurship through NFE tools and methods that are structuring clear action steps for and equip them with the skill to transfer those to youth workers, youth leaders and online reach through short clips;

c) Empowering young people’s action taking attitude within their own youth groups and communities towards inspiring active social innovation/entrepreneurship and sustainable action in the field of business. This sees youth actively involved, motivated and confident that they have the support of their participating organisation;

d) Increasing the international cooperation at the level of youth organisation who are working towards empowering youth with fewer opportunities in rural areas to develop abilities for using innovative methods & tools for employability, entrepreneurship and empowerment among youth target groups;

e) Creating an online web platform that will serve young people access to collections of video tutorials, resources, tips and hints in the above mentioned subjects of the project. 

IO 1: Format TC “Art in Innovation” creating innovative methodologies for raising awareness of various approaches towards starting social enterprises which are sustainable and non-polluting, and transferring those to youth workers and target groups
IO 2: “YOUnnovate” web platform is going to share all the resources created during this project: methods, video tutorials, circular economy approaches/resources/network, video testimonials and personal experience, e-book/booklet of tools, documents, best practices, tools and resources for entrepreneurs, skills and approaches to find employment,
IO 3: “YOUnnovate methodologies” e-book comprising NFE tools, resources for social innovation & circular economy, explanation of the concepts, global trends, possibilities and opportunities, proven methods of success.