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ACT Stronger – CERV

Active citizens towards a stronger European Union

The “ACT Stronger” project supports all current EU initiatives, with the aim of better responding to the changing reality and turning challenges into opportunities.

The project aims at summarize the progress made in the 8 EU Member States (Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain) on the European Democracy Action Plan and the findings of the EU Citizenship Report 2020; analyze the strengths and weaknesses of local/regional policies and develop the Citizens’ Europe e-Paper, focusing on opportunities for a better future of the EU, suggested by citizens from 15 countries and with different profiles, backgrounds and ages.

Ahead of the 2024 European Parliament elections, project partners consider that it is necessary to provide MEPs with citizens’ recommendations on their alternative visions for the future of Europe. Policy makers should cosider citizens’ opinions and demonstrate that their concerns are taken into account in the next strategic agenda.

The project will directly involve 800 citizens in forums, debates and acts of solidarity on EU challenges, addressing a specific theme in each partner country: 2024 Parliament elections in BG, migration and security in CY, e-democracy in FR, inclusion of young and old in DE, climate change in GR, COVID-19 crisis in IT, equality in ES, disinformation and media literacy in LT. Around 8,000 citizens will be reached indirectly through the project’s social media, awareness campaigns, the #ActStronger video competition on YouTube, local exhibitions and street events, so as to engage people in the idea of the EU and empower them to overcome internal differences, remaining united to face the trials of our time.

Start:  OCT 2022 –  End:  MAY 2024

EU Grant: 206 000EUR

Program: CERV

Key Action: CERV flat-rate grants

Type of Action: Citizen engagement and participation sector: European Remembrance, Citizen participation, Network of cities

Applicant Organization


Partners and Countries:



BIDA eVKultur und Bildung (DE)



Cultural Foundation 1948 (CY)  


Project topics:

  • Deeper understanding of the EU’s values, history and diversity;
  • Need to address issues of civic engagement and social cohesion and further explore how solidarity and non-formal education can help promote these values ​​in society;
  • Improving conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level, giving a primary role to the involvement of disadvantaged citizens (70% of all project participants), raising awareness of their inclusion as equal members of EU society and trying to find solutions to the daily challenges they face.

Target groups:

The project is aimed at the younger generations, who will further shape the future of the Union, based on the lessons of the past.

Specific Objectives :

  • Enabling people to deepen their knowledge of EU values, institutions and policies;
  • promote a sense of belonging to the European family and the EU among its citizens and provide them with the opportunity to actively interact, participate and build a stronger Europe;
  • give “ordinary” citizens the opportunity to fully participate in the democratic life of the EU at local/regional and European level;
  • Involve local communities and citizens in actions aimed at combating the stigmatization of disadvantaged members of the community and promoting tolerance and empathy;
  • Engage a wider community in promoting EU values, build close cooperation at municipal level between local actors (NGOs, institutions, local authorities and public sector) and strengthen the skills and capacities of all actors.


The methodological approach adopted by ACT Stronger to achieve the objectives of the project aims to reflect on a new narrative for Europe, citizen-oriented, far-sighted and constructive, which is more engaging especially for the younger generations, building on experience and specific strengths of the project partners in the EU integration process.

The working methodology establishes an organic approach in which local and transnational debates will be in constant exchange and feed each other in the various phases of the project, while diffusion will guarantee its success and sustainability. It is based on the principles of participatory democracy, which are carried forward in all planned events, promoting mutual understanding, social inclusion, participatory citizenship and the improvement of social interactions.

Work Packages

WP1- Climate Change and Environment (Citizens’ Forum and Study Visits in Thessaloniki, Greece)

WP2- Effects of the COVID-19 crisis on democratic debate (Citizens’ conference and world café sessions in Sassari, Italy)

WP3- Migration and security (Round table and study visits in Nicosia, Cyprus)

WP4- Innovative democratic approaches and tools, e-democracy (Citizens’ forum and flash mob in Angouleme, France)

WP5- Disinformation and media literacy (Citizens seminar and press conference in Vilnius, Lithuania)

WP6- European Parliament elections 2024 (Citizens’ Parliament in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

WP7- Equality and Diversity (Citizens’ Debate and Multicultural Festival in Madrid, Spain)

WP8- Participation of young and old people in democratic life (Citizens’ Summit and street games in Suhl, Germany)

WP9- Citizen engagement in society and the EU (online event)






Kick-Off Meeting

4th of November 2022 – online

Climate Change and Environment (Citizens’ Forum and study visits in Thessaloniki, Greece)

14 December 2022

COVID-19 Crisis Effects on the Democratic Debate (Citizens’ Conference and World Café Sessions in Sassari, Italy)

24 February 2023

Migration and Security (Round Table and study visits in Nicosia, Cyprus)

20-22 April 2023

Innovative Democratic Approaches and Tools, E-Democracy (Citizens’ Forum and flash mob in Angouleme, France)

June 2023

Disinformation and Media Literacy (Citizens’ Seminar and Press Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania)

22 September 2023

2024 European Parliament Elections (Citizens’ Parliament in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

26 October 2023

Equality and Diversity (Citizens’ Debate and Multicultural Festival in Madrid, Spain)

1 March 2024