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Youth in Action 1.2 “Let’s break the Bias”

Let’s Break the Bias

“Let’s break the Bias” was a 1.2 “Youth in Action” transnational  project aimed at facilitating interreligious dialogue.

This project was conceived as a result of a cooperation between Group Dialogue in Diyarbakır and Mine Vaganti NGO, as a bilateral cooperation between Italy and Turkey.

In this project, the aim was to bring together young people promoting the sense of social inclusion.

The ambitious aim was to remove prejudices providing the recognition of new cultures. If desired, people of different religions can live together, play together and working as a team.

The project was five-month-long and it foresaw a first part in Turkey and a second part (Youth Exchange) comprising workshops and non formal education sessions to be held in the island of Sardinia (February, 10th-15th, 2014).

The participants involved in the project were 12: 8 from Turkey and 4 from Italy.