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United Nations UNDEF “Leaders of Tomorrow”

Leaders of Tomorrow

The Island of Sardinia is fighting youth unemployment and youth depopulation caused by the lack of job opportunities. Nowadays, youngsters (especially those with higher qualifications) are moving abroad for seeking job provoking desolation and frustration specially in the peripheral areas.

The rest of the youth population is totally demotivated.
Young people are the key factor of the region’s success. Therefore Sardinia needs informed and active youth ready to take on civic responsibility thus ensuring strengthening of our young democracy and civil society in the future. It is therefore essential for the future of Sardinia society to focus on the education of its youth developing their participatory and leadership skills and instigating their activism.

The project Leaders of Tomorrow involved over 450 direct participants and was based on empowerment of youth leaders, teachers and local authority representatives seeking to promote civic activism and participation as core democratic values and tools of civil society.

The main long-term effect of the program was the significant increase in youth involvement in decision-making processes at local level.The multiplier effect was achieved by dissemination of promotional and advocacy materials and media outreach programs reaching over a million viewers.