Responsible for the organization, implementation, and reporting of Erasmus+ K1 Youth and EYF projects, youth exchanges, and training courses using non-formal education methodology.

MVNGO Youth Division also shares its expertise in non-formal education learning methods with other organizations not only in Italy but throughout Europe, aiming to implement high-quality youth exchanges and training courses.

MVNGO Youth Division is involved in conducting Youth Exchanges and Extra-European Training Courses in Africa, South America, and Asia.

MVNGO is an accredited entity for coordinating, sending, and hosting volunteers under the Solidarity Corps Program, providing mentorship for departing and arriving volunteers.

Interns hosted by MVNGO under the Erasmus Plus Trainership program are integrated into MVNGO Youth Division to undergo an orientation and professional development program based on learning non-formal education methods, logistics, and group dynamics.

Over the years, various youth mobility projects have been hosted in small communities with the aim of bringing “Europe to the countries” through coordinating informative sports activities.

Some of our members are accredited trainers in non-formal education at the European level.

Our trainer profiles are included in Salto European Platform