MVNGO VET & HEI is a department focused on the development and promotion of high-quality educational and vocational training projects, consisting of two distinct activities:

National Hei Consortium

Since 2014, MVNGO has been among the three Italian organizations accredited to manage and coordinate the National Hei Consortium (NHEI), overseeing international mobility for professors, staff and students provideing training and internships.

Over the years, several universities have joined the consortium, and currently, NHEI involves 8 Italian universities: Tor Vergata University of Rome, University of Sassari, University of Cagliari, University of Foggia, Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata, Kore University of Enna, Mario Sironi Academy of Fine Arts, and University of Messina.

The Consortium will operate for the years 2023-2027, offering each accademic year international mobility for internships to a maximum of 200 students from partner universities.

For further information on the National Higher Education Consortium coordinated by Mine Vaganti NGO, please refer to the NHEI Website


Since 2012, MVNGO has contributed to the design and implementation of vocational training internship projects abroad for high school students at the national level.

The Department’s activities range from the reception and professional development of incoming and outgoing trainees under various European and non-European programs, the development of project proposals and partnerships, to the management of international mobility for internship projects aimed at high school students within the Erasmus Plus VET program in collaboration with European partners.

Mine Vaganti NGO has been active in the field of education and vocational training since the previous Leonardo program, during which MVNGO collaborated with the Municipality of Olbia, coordinating the Leonardo projects “Learn & Back” and “Learn & Back 2.”

Currently, MVNGO collaborates with several Italian high schools in developing Erasmus Plus KA1 proposals in the field of education and vocational training. It also serves as a hosting and coordinating organization for VET mobilities. In this context, Mine Vaganti NGO is also a hosting institution and an intermediary organization for KA1 VET projects.

Mine Vaganti NGO relies on a network of potential hosting companies throughout Northern Sardinia, enabling the organization to act as an intermediary for matching interns with potential hosting organizations; to this end, MVNGO typically organizes informative sessions for young interns at its headquarters in Sassari.

MVNGO also works in the field of staff and teacher mobility in the field of education and vocational training, with various study visits organized where MVNGO staff has guided interested teachers and school staff in on-site sessions at local educational institutions.