Mine Vaganti NGO is an international reality wherein national and foreign professionals cooperate in a multicultural environment. MVNGO’s team comprises a regular component of 3-4 foreign interns.

MVNGO’s experience as a Hosting Organization dates back to the former Leonardo da Vinci and Grundvig Programmes, wherein the organization was accredited and operated in the latter capacity.

The organization also hosted foreign interns within several extra-EU programmes as Anna Lindh Foundation and Regional Funds (Belgium, Denmark).

MVNGO currently provides professional development services and work-based learning opportunities to foreign interns/volunteers in the frame of the following programmes, internal as well as external to the Erasmus Plus Programme:

2015-Onwards: MVNGO is accredited as a sending, hosting and coordinating organization in the frame of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) (EVS Code: 2015-1-IT03-KA110-005863).

  •  2014-2020: MVNGO works in the frame of Erasmus Plus VET, in whose context international mobility for internship opportunities are offered to students of high school institutions (3rd and 4rth years). MVNGO also operates in the capacity of coordinator of the hosting phase, supporting the matching between foreign interns and Italian potential hosting enterprises.
  •  2014-2020: MVNGO’s responsible persons operate in the capacity of Hosting Entrepreneurs in the frame of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme, offering work-based learning and exchange service to New Entrepreneurs from different European countries.

  •  2018-Onwards: MVNGO was accredited as a hosting organization in the Italian National Civic Service, in whose context the organization hosts 4 Italian volunteers per year for the purposes of learning experiences in its Headquarters in Sassari.