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For a Sea of Inclusion 2023

This project is dedicated to fostering the inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome in sports activities, focusing on team-based engagements. Sports have the transformative power and by creating mixed teams, we can build an inclusive environment where athletes of diverse abilities collaborate towards shared goals.
The heart of our initiative lies in the collaboration between athletes and trainers to develop effective strategies for inclusion, emphasising the celebration of competencies and addressing challenges together. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to create a supportive and empowering atmosphere that encourages the active participation of individuals with Down syndrome in team sports.
To ensure the success of our inclusive approach, we organise regular meetings with experts in Down syndrome within educational and psychological fields. These interactions not only deepen our understanding of the unique aspects of Down syndrome but also provide valuable insights into the best methods for inclusion. We will learn from best practices, explore innovative inclusion strategies, and undergo specialised training sessions.
The culmination of our efforts will result in a practical manual. This manual, compiled with input from athletes, trainers, and experts, will serve as a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to replicate similar inclusive sports activities. It will provide detailed insights into successful inclusion strategies, training methodologies, and practical tips for creating and maintaining mixed teams that cater to individuals with Down syndrome.
Our goal is to create a positive impact within our immediate community and contribute to a broader movement for inclusive sports. We aim to share our knowledge and experiences by disseminating our manual and empowering others to embrace and implement inclusive practices in sports activities. Together, we can break down barriers, celebrate diversity, and create a more inclusive and supportive sports community for all.