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Collaborative Sport Big “GGS”

Good Governance in Sport

The project “Good Governance in Sport” (GGS) identifies the needs to bring a new approach in sport management and administration on a national and European level and aims to find a way to analyze, collect and promote the tools ensuring proper visibility of decision making processes and transparency of public funding allocation in sport.

The project will implement various activities at the local, national and international levels with a focus on development, identification, analyzing, promotion and sharing of good practices in good governance as well as giving recommendations to some of the observed practices that can be improved.

Project Title: Good Governance in Sport
Duration: 01/01/2018 – 30/06/2020
Project reference: 590305-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-SPO-SCP
Funding: 390.265,00 €
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Sport
Action Type: Collaborative Partnerships


The project is supportive of the identified priorities as follows:
a) Improved good governance in sport in sport organizations in Europe at local, national and European level
b) Analysis of the public face of European and national sport organizations, based on strict criteria and with transparent methodology, applicable to all of them with the same approach
c) By the planned dissemination events, we will increase attention to good governance at the local and national level
d) Prepare and support next sports leaders, that believes and implements the values of integrity, “fair play”, transparency, integrity, fairness, dedication with the self-learning path and training mobility’s implemented during the project
e) By this project, will strengthen the evidence base for policy making (studies, data gathering, surveys) at local, national and European level
f) Will be increased the knowledge and awareness regarding sport and physical activity, as in the same moment, will be strengthened the cooperation between institutions and organizations active in the field of sport and physical activity, not only inside the consortium but also at the local level in the partner organizations countries
g) Promotion of good governance principles in sport to all stakeholders and creating good governance multipliers
h) Improve good governance in the sport with a shortcut to resources – self-learning path in good governance in sport
i) Create an innovative network of professionals, devoted to good governance in sport from different parts of Europe, who will be committed to the project not only during project life but also after the project end with development and growing good practice database
l) Raise awareness on the added value of sport and physical activities in relation to the personal, professional, and social development of individuals through all planned project activities.
m) Raise awareness on the importance of health-enhancing effects of physical through all planned project activities
n) Increase participation in physical activities and sport by an increased number of local actions and events, awareness-raising activities and providing an opportunity to individuals to personally experience the benefits of physical activities
o) Disseminate the accumulated knowledge and expertise of the partnership, its newly developed tools, and best practices to inspire and promote further collaborations and synergies on the related topics
p) Empower specialists from different fields with the tools and instruments to act freely in their daily work, with the ideas that they can implement directly

The activities implemented during the project will be the following:

Kick-off meeting with partners’ representatives in Bulgaria(4 persons per country)

Mid-term Transnational Meeting in Italy (4 persons per country)

Dissemination event in all partner countries, involving project teams at the local level

Training Course about accountability and transparency in Sport, Italy (5 participants per country+2 members of the management team per country)

Dissemination event in all partner countries (project teams at the local level)

Final Conference with partners’ representatives in Bulgaria(4 persons per country)

The project will produce a total of 3 Intellectual Outputs:

1- A Survey on Good Governance in Sport related to the accountability of European/National sport organizations on their public web pages.

2- A Self-Learning path on good governance in Sport for the self-development of sports leaders and managers, which will give the possibility of assessing the level of accountability and transparency of the webpage of a sports organization that is an important part of the good governance processes in an organization

3- An Accountability and Transparency Handbook for sports organizations including tips and tricks on the optimization of the web page of a Sport organization.

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