Mine Vaganti NGO is among of the 14 founders organizations of Comitato delle Associazioni sarde per la mobilità internazionale (CASMI).
CASMI is a committee of organizations active in Sardinia in the non-formal education, international mobility, European planning and inclusion of young people sectors. We are independent, apolitical and we promote the values of active citizenship, social inclusion and we fight against prejudices. We have created a committee to promote non-formal education and international mobility as an instrument of growth, individually and collectively, at all levels.
An event called “Connections” is organized every year with the aim of promoting volunteering, international mobility, the exchange of good practices and the creation of new projects. The event is primarily targeted at local associations, local institutions, educational institutions, young people, families.
MVNGO organized the 2019 edition in Nuoro in collaboration with the Europedirect Nuoro.

For more information, visit https://www.casmisardegna.org/