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Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – KA205 – Strategic Partnership in the youth sector

YOUNG – Youth Organizations United for Growth

PROJECT DATES: 01/06/2019 – 31/05/2021

Youth Organizations United for Growth” (YOUNG) is a Strategic Partnership project of 24 months, involving 2 NGOs from Denmark and Italy and 1 educational institution from Croatia, aimed at supporting the social inclusion and personal development of youth migrants as well as raising empathic and inclusive behavior among native youths. 

The employment of third-country nationals in the public sector promotes diversity in society and fosters integration. According to the 2015 OECD report on indicators of migrant integration, it gives the immigrant community greater visibility, showing the private sector the way and improving the way the host society perceives them in the long term (European Union for Fundamental Rights  Report Together in the EU  promoting the participation of migrants and their descendent – 2017). In this respect, the problems faced by first generation migrant youth are particularly severe and wide-ranging, as is their overall socio-economic vulnerability. Many youth migrants in European countries face marginalization and social exclusion in due to belonging to fragile components of the wider youth population. These youngsters face substantial inequality with their peers in education, employability, personal development, civic and social participation, compounding them with the cultural and often linguistic barriers typical of migrants. At the same time native youths suffering from the Mass and Social Media influence are hampered in developing tolerance, empathy and inclusive behaviour towards youth migrants YOUNG project aim at tackling both abovementioned issues through a comprehensive strategy involving both target group. Drawing inspiration from the Danish Red Croos Fast track to employment programme in which Asylum seekers had the possibility to meet a volunteer buddy from the host community, YOUNG will apply this best practice in its envisaged learning process, establishing a Buddy system between native and migrant youths involved in the Mobilities and in overall project activities. 

The project aims at supporting the social inclusion and personal development of youth migrants as well as raising empathic and inclusive behavior among native youths.

Project objectives are: 

– Fostering empowerment and inclusion of first generation migrant youngsters through international mobilities, peer-interaction and Non Formal Education applied to Employability and Entrepreneurial Education and Intercultural Competences Pathway. 

– Raising awareness and develop civic sense, empathy and tolerance among native youths towards young migrants peers. 

– Raise awareness among policy-makers, NGOs, stakeholders and the general public about the role of youth NGOs and non-formal learning as active actors in bridging the gap left from the educational system towards the personal development of first generation migrants as well as the fostering social and cultural interaction between native and migrant youths. 

– Providing best practices, knowledge and concrete toolkit among NGOs from different European countries in order to improve professionalism of youth workers, variety and quality of educational activities delivered with a view to enhancing quality and effectiveness of youth work in Europe. 

Tangible Results: 

– 1 Research Report containing statistics and needs regarding first generation migrant youths in matter of social inclusion and integration in the labour market in participating partner countries. 

– 1 Handbook containing the instructions on how to establish a buddy system between native and first generation migrant youth. 

– 1 Manual containing existent best practices on fostering access and integration to the labour market of first generation migrant youth and educational toolkit based on NFE applied to Employability and Entrepreneurial Education and Intercultural Competences Pathway. 

– 1 Blog created by the participants during the first mobility which will be the diary of their shared educational learning journey.  

The project is expected to have a significant impact on participants in emotional, relational and educational terms. Interacting with native peers as buddies and young people from different European countries facing the same challenges and obstacles in a playful and participatory atmosphere, participants will improve their awareness of mutually respectful cooperation, exchange of views, visions and values. 

At the same time, participating in educational initiatives provided through targeted methodologies that offer young participants a chance to improve their self-esteem, confidence in oneself, sense of creativity, responsibility, teamwork skills, orientation to learning in both formal and non-formal contexts, as well as attitudes of active participation and involvement that will be able to incorporate into educational, social and civil contexts. 

Long-term benefit it is provided by participants implementation of local activities acting as Multiplier Ambassadors. Furthermore partners will engage themselves in promote the contents and methodologies produced during the project in order to be used by a large spectrum of stakeholders. 

Applicant Organisation: Forbund af Bosniske og Hercegovinske 

Foreninger i Danmark-SBHUD (Denmark)

Partner Organisations