KA2: Strategic Partnerships for adult education

TITLE: Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship (“ASE”)

DURATION: 24 months and 10 days 





SME: “Horizont ProConsult” EOOD (Bulgaria) 

NGO: Piepildito sapnu istaba (Latvia) 


ASE (Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship) will address educators working with adult learners and will strive to foster social entrepreneurship education by creating a specialised and learner-driven Open Educational Resources (OER), dedicated to development of competences for creating social innovation, third sector entities and social enterprises. 

The planned learning activity will be a short-term jointstaff training event, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. The activity will last 7 days and will gather 2 partner representatives from each partner country. The event aims at equipping participants with competences for ending up the design and finalize training offers. It will be held through non-formal education methods and practical workshops. Team of experts from Latvian and Bulgarian partner organisations will facilitate the seminar, using various innovative workshops and methods in order to fully meet the planned activity objectives. 


The need of educational opportunities on social entrepreneurship seems arising, since it is a way of providing solutions to social problems and at the same time is stimulating economic growth and new employment perspectives. In a time in which unemployment is rising everywhere in EU, empowering individuals with the competences to create their own job is pivotal. Therefore, based on the experience of the partners and their needs, on the relevance of the subject towards EU Policies, as well on the long term potential for cooperation with actors in diverse fields, the project ASE aims at fostering the development of transversal skills related to social entrepreneurship, by using innovative and learner-centered pedagogical approach. 


The specific project objectives set up by the promoters are: 
• To enhance entrepreneurial mind-sets among adults by strengthening the educational offer and providing opportunities for building skills in the field of social entrepreneurship; 
• To raise awareness about the existence of specific tools for development of a social start-up, such as the Social Business Model Canvas and numerous best practices in Europe that could be reproduced in other countries 
• To support social entrepreneurship education through the elaboration of an OER as tangible outcome, offering a specific guide for the development of the 3rd sector entities, in particular on initiating social enterprises and innovation 
• To raise competences, exchange and disseminate good practices related to social entrepreneurial education within adult educational entities and not only 
• To support quality improvements and extension of the offer of learning opportunities tailored to individual learners, thanks to establishing cross-sectorial cooperation among stakeholders 


– Research report on the existing legislation and tools for support of social entrepreneurship education in each country, 

– Educational Content for OER, 

– Development of online open educational resource (open educational materials for individual learners available in English language).