MVNGO Sport Branch

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Mine Vaganti NGO has always been very active in Sport, being also member of the global network International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) since 2012.

ISCA is a global network of NGOs organizations and Sport clubs working in the field of Sport for All. MVNGO has always been working in Sport for All, using Sport in combination with Non Formal Education methodologies (Education through Sport methodology).

The use of Sport in combination with NFE methodologies as an educational instrument of youth/adults/NEET/Migrants inclusion is therefore one of MVNGO’s key areas of expertise.

MVNGO followed-up on its achievements in this field by establishing a specialized Sport Branch in 2012. MVNGO’s Sport Branch is presently composed of 5 active members, among whom are 2 international professionals.

The aim of MVNGO Sport Branch is to support and improve the use of NFE and Sport, in combination, as a tool for education, social inclusion, mutual understanding, entrepreneurial development, leadership etc.

MVNGO Sport Branch’s professionals would like to further develop knowledge and competences in youth/adult/sport workers around the world, on the following areas:

− Principles of NFE Sports tools

− New teaching methods and tools on education through sport

− Sport Management competences


MVNGO Sport Branch has successfully implemented the following projects since 2012:
• 2012: Youth in Action Youth Exchange “ExSport ME Import Us”: Sport values, health.
• 2012: European Youth Foundation “Inclusive Sport in Sardinia: Sport as a tool for inclusion, Pilot Activity.
• 2013: Youth in ActionProgramm: TC “Inclusive Sport for All”, Sport as an educational tool.
• 2013: Youth in ActionProgramme, “Two Islands One Move” Youth Exchange related to The European Move Week 2013, Exchange of good practices between islands.
• 2013: GrundtvigProgramme In Training Service “Education and Sport for All”, Sport as an educational tool.
• 2014: Large Scale Project “Fill My Value Backpack” (FMVB),supported and co-financed by MVNGO Sport Branch, which took part in a work-visit to Kenya. FMVB was organized by a non-formal group of young people, who were willing to implement ‘NFE through Sport’ classes to children from deprived areas.
• 2014: Move Week Sassari 2014 a Sport event which involved more than 1000 people in the Parco di Bunnari. The event was part of the European Campaign Now We Move, promoted by ISCA.
• 2014: Erasmus+ Programme Youth in Action TC “Education for All” in Marrakech, Sport as an educational tool.
• 2015 Coordinator Erasmus Plus Capacity Building Youth, “Inclusion Through Sport” (ITS):Sport & Non Formal Education in 4 Continents and 12 countries with sharing of best practice and production of Format TC and Handbook: ITS involved 12 countries from 4 continents. The project aimed at exploring the role of Sport as an educational vehicle to promote youth social inclusion, community values and respect of diversity. ITS is a success-case in Sport education providing MVNGO (designer, applicant and coordinator of the proposal) with managerial, logistical and methodological experience.
• 2016: Partnership in the Collaborative Partnership, “European Everyday of Sport”. The project aims at exploring good practices related to promoting the social and healthy development value of Sport and physical activity, with a particular focus on previous editions of the European Week of Sport, as a means to produce and promote tools for different professional groups targeted at motivating more people to do Sports in everyday life. The project will create a set of Web-based resources (Educational Platform and Android/IPhone application) targeted at improving good governance in the Sport field as well as an innovative network of professionals.
• 2016: Coordinator Erasmus Plus Collaborative Partnership,“Young Ambassador for Sport and Volunteering” aimed at disseminating the Education Through Sport methodology in Europe, which MVNGO coordinates after the renounciation of the original Danish coordinating Sport Club. The project, lasting a total 24 months, aims at promoting volunteering in Sport, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle through increased participation in sport for all. The main work phases, dedicated to local actions, are related to the promotion of sport culture and raising awareness about the importance of being physically active, and the promotion of volunteering, its values and its benefits for society. In addition, as its final output, the project will establish an online platform which will gather all tangible results, best practices shared and indications for fellow organizations and stakeholders.
• 2017: Partnership in the Collaborative Partnership “Project for Academy Sport SupPORT” (PASSPORT). The project, started in January 2018, aims at promoting and supporting dual careers for athletes by setting up a transnational network of partners that will develop a Platform for training athletes in Sport Management, thereby contributing to their employability. The project foresees the implementation of a set of local workshops for Sport athletes in all partner countries.
• 2017: Partnership in the Collaborative Partnership “Good Governance in Sport”. The Collaborative partnershiop is coordinated by the Bullgarian organization “Bulgarian Sports Development Association” (BSDA) and deploys a set of activities at the local, national and international levels with a focus on the development, identification, analysis, promotion and sharing of good practices in good governance as well as on giving reccommendations to some of the observed practices that can be improved. The project involves the production of a Self-learnig path on good governance in Sport for the self-development of Sport leaders and managers, which will give the possibility of assessing the level of accountability and transparency of the webpage of a sport organization. Among the results of the project will also be an Accountability and Transparency Handbook for sport organizations including tips and tricks on the optimization of the web page of a Sport organization.
• 2017: Partnership in the Capacity Building Youth “A Path to TranSportAction” (APTSA). The project is coordinated by the Croatian organization “Rijeka Sport’s Association” and aims at enhancing the capacity of youth organizations and stakeholders in all partner countries and beyond to use Sport, in combination with high-end NFE methodologies for fostering a gender-inclusing approach to Sport practices, contrasting sexism and gender stereotypes and promoting equality and mutual respect among genders in disadvantaged rural areas in Europe and Latin America. The project involves the production and testing of a Format TC providing youth operators with knowledge, skills and NFE tools to involve youngsters (males and females) in Sport education activities fostering female participation in Sport, rejection of gender stereotypes and respect of gender differences and sensibilities. The Format TC methods will be tested in an international Youth Exchange involving youngsters from each country. A phase of local activities will be implemented with youngsters (males and females) from each partner country.
• 2017. Partnership in the Capacity Building Youth “Women Empowerment through Sport” (WEtS). “Women empowerment through sport” (WEtS) is a 24 month Capacity Building in the field of Youth project coordinated by the Bulgarian organization “Champions Factory”, with MVNGO in the role of a partner organization. The project involves an international Consortium of 6 organisations from Europe (Bulgaria and Italy), Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) and Asia (Nepal and Cambodia). The project aims at developing, testing and spreading new educational methodologies for women empowerment through Sport with the aim to enhance the capacity of the partner organisations as well as of external NGOs and stakeholders in the use of Sport as an instrument of support to the social inclusion of disadvantaged female categories.. Project activities comprise the implementation of a cross-bordser awareness-raising Campaign on women empowerment through Sport, a Training Course for youth workers, a youth exchange involving youngsters from each partner country and a closing International Conference.


The following professionals in the field of Sport form presently part of MVNGO Sport Branch on a regular basis:

  • Roberto Solinas: Founder, President and CEO, European Project Manager, Formal and Non Formal Education Trainer and Marketing Expert at MVNGO. He is the mastermind behind the strategy and concept of MVNGO. Since 2012 he coordinates the main activities of MVNGO in the Sport field, He is in the pool of experts of the international Sport think-thank Spolint.   He was the official Trainer in many Sport projects impelmented by MVNGO at the local, regional, national, European and international levels. He is presently achieving a PhD at the National Sports Academy “VassilLevski” in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Maria Grazia Pirina:  Co-founder, Vice President, Project Manager, Trainer, Pr and Communication Expert. She coordinates the main activities of MVNGO in the field of hosting vocational training, EVS and youth mobility. She  is presently achieving a PhD at the National Sports Academy “VassilLevski” in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Paolo Menescardi:  Trainer at MVNGO, President and Project Manager at L’ORMA, Sport and Social Promotion. He has more than 3 years experience in sport and educational projects, organization of sport events, management of volunteers in sport, training and education. He is a Proposal Writer at FISO Federation Italian Sport Orienteering and Consultant in the design, drafting and writing of projects. He is also the Funder and Project Manager at Dodgeball Italia. He works as Board Member and responsible for the sport promotional activities and activities for youth at FISO Federation Italian Sport Orienteering – Board Member.
  • Shirin Amin: Bachelor Degree in Sports Management from the National Sports Academy “VassilLevski” in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Multiple national champion of Bulgaria in swimming, participating in many international tournaments and Balkan Swimming Games.
  • Federico Terzi: Former component of Sport Aldermanship in the Municipality of Bergamo.