against school violence

KA201 – Strategic Partnerships for school education

PROJECT DATES: 15-10-2019 – 14-10-2021

Basic skills and key competences are essential for every child, especially in primary school age (I  IV grade), as they lay the foundation for future life success and positive contribution to society. The emerging basic social skills and early experiences influence the child’s understanding of himself and the world. Learning is a key concert in the personal development of every child, from an early school age. A child’s ability to utilise social skills at this young age seems to be crucial in terms of behavior and reactions. It is very important to focus on developing the social competences and skills of students in an early school age. The support in providing basic skills and key competences  regarding aggression and violence is crucial and this is why we should focus on teachers and the development of guidelines for non-formal educational techniques and tools, in order to provide them with the necessary knowledge. In a learning environment, where dynamic teamwork affects integration and success, teachers ought to advocate such skills and develop them so they optimise studentsacademic achievement. Most teachers stated that they themselves never received social competence instruction as part of their teacher education or pre-service training at school, children express their unique personalities and show strong identities, dealing with a large social network. 

The aim of the present project is to offer effective tools and measures for formation of a set of knowledge – skills and competences of primary school teachers for prevention and intervention of aggression and violence at school. It aims to address the problem of violence in all its forms that violates the educational process and the personal development of the students. In order to reach the aim, the partners consider of a great importance the understanding of aggression and violence (as reasons, factors, types of expression, appropriate reaction) and thus one of the most important tasks of the project is to offer improvement of the theoretical preparedness and individual readiness of the teachers to respond to possible situations of aggression and violence. 

The aim of the present project is to offer effective tools and measures for formation of a set of knowledge – skills and competences of primary school teachers for prevention and intervention of aggression and violence at school

The project targets teachers and educators from the partner countries who are working with children in primary school age (I  IV grade) and children from the partner countries in primary school age (I IV grade). 

During the period of project implementation will be studied the reasons for aggression among children in primary school age in different cultural and religious environments, social aspects and educational aspects. Successful practices will be examined in details and they will be adapted according to the specifics of the partner countries in compliance with the principles and the values of the European Union. As a result will be developed prevention action plans and protocols for intervention in case of violence and aggression amongst children. These materials are planned to be the basis of Methodological Guidelines (in Bulgarian, Turkish, Italian and English) for the pedagogues. For the second target group – the students, is planned to be created video materials as guidelines and a children’s online book for the students. These Intellectual products will be created on the basis of the Methodological Guidelines and will comply with the Regulatory framework of the European Union. 

The project foresees 4 Transnational Project Meetings. The first Transnational Project Meeting (TPM1) will be held in Bulgaria and will be organised by the Coordinator. After the TPM1 each partner will conduct a research on the reasons for aggression among children in primary school age in different cultural and religious environments, social aspects and educational aspects. The second TPM will be held in Italy in April 2020 and will be organised by the MVNGO organisation. The project partners working on Intellectual product 1 (Coordinator, KMS, MVNGO and “Filiz“), will present the work on the Methodological Guidelines by far. The 3d TPM will be organised in Turkey in October 2020 by the”Filiz” organisation when the partners will discuss the overall progress of the activities, regarding the intellectual outputs 2 and 3. Will be planned the second training event “Short term joint staff training event on the children’s online book and video guidelines”. The final 4th TPM will be in Italy, organised by MVNGO in June 2021, when will be summarised the overall work on the project, the conducted trainings, the quality and usefulness of the Intellectual products and the partners will prepare plan for the Multiplier events, which will be held in Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria in July 2021, two months before the official end of the project period. 

The project will have two Short-term joint staff training events after the production of each Intellectual output, aiming to train the staff of the organisations and three Multiplier events before  the end of project duration.