MVNGO Youth Division

MVNGO Youth Division is in charge of organising, implementing and reporting Erasmus+ K1 Youth and EYF projects, Youth Exchanges and Training Courses with Non Formal Education Methodology.

MVNGO sends up to 150 among youngsters, youth operators and volunteers in Erasmus Plus KA1 projects based on Non Formal Education methods per year. The MVNGO Youth Division manages and supports the entire phase of preparation, departure and debriefing of all the participants sent by MVNGO in the recalled frames.

The MVNGO Youth Division provides its expertise in Non Formal Learning methods to external NGOs based both in Italy and in other countries of Europe for the purposes of implementing high quality Youth Exchanges and Training Courses.

The Youth Division has been involved in the implementation of extra-European Youth Exchanges and Training Courses in Africa and Latin America in the context of Erasmus Plus Youth Capacity Building projects coordinated and partnered by MVNGO.

The MVNGO Youth Division takes care of the tasks related to Mentoring to outbound volunteers sent by MVNGO as well as to incoming volunteers and interns. The interns hosted by MVNGO in the frame of Erasmus Plus Trainership are integrated in the MVNGO Youth Division for the purposes of undergoing a programme of orienteering and professional development grounded on work-based learning in Non Formal Education methods, logistics and group dynamics.

Usually, the projects hosted by MVNGO and falling within the natural sphere of responsibility of the MVNGO Youth Division mplemented in our “Sportello Europa” in Uri.

Some of our members are accredited trainers of non-formal education at European level.

Here is the profile of some of our members on the European database Salto (on the website you need to be registered).

  1. Roberto Solinas
  2. Maria Grazia Pirina
  3. Samanta Sedda
  4. Ornest Saraci
  5. Vlad Grigoras
  6. Claudia Baltolu
  7. Jure Sterman
  8. Mattia Cordioli
  9. Shirin Amin
  10. Antonio Saccone