KA1 Youth EU ESC Job “Islands4Future”

The project “Islands4Future” will involve 1 volunteer coming from an EU country for a period of 1 year starting from the 1st of March 2021.

Islands are unique territories of the European Union. They have specific challenges mainly due to their distance from the mainland. Many economic, social & territorial issues impact the island population & environment in similar ways, however there are also vast differences. This European Solidarity Corps project “Islands4Future” is a transnational volunteering initiative for 4 young people from the EU to be hosted by organisations from 4 European Islands to create sustainable local development on the islands, to ensure a high-quality life for its residents & to investigate smart solutions to protect its environment, ecosystem & cultural heritage, while at the same time “bringing them closer” to the rest of the EU’s territory. In this activity “Islands4Future with Sardinia”, 1 volunteer will be hosted by “MINE VAGANTI NGO”.

Via various training courses, workshops, seminars & meetings, the volunteers will gain important insights into the needs & challenges that need to be tackled, acquire new skills in the field of project management, as well as important examples of successful projects, policies & practices that prepare them to develop a joint proposal for the involved islands. By employing a community-based approach, the involved islands will be brought together in a “European Island Network” that will ensure the sustainability of the project’s objectives beyond its lifetime.

For the purpose of the activity “Islands4Future with Sardinia”, MVNGO is looking for 1 young volunteer aged 18-30 residing in an EU country. The volunteer must have good IT skills for the purpose of the activities.      

The participant will be involved in the following activities:

  • Research & identification of the Local Needs & Global Challenges that have or will have an impact on the local island community & Implementation via workshops, seminars, panel discussions, debates, etc
  • Comparative analysis of EU funds & grants (& similar), ongoing projects & initiatives, as well as Project Management Skills to strengthen the volunteers’, the involved organisations’ & the local community’s capacities
  • Out-Reach to & development of a Local Island Network, as well as connecting it with a “European Island Network” with the goal to develop together (all organisation, local stakeholders and the volunteers) a joint project proposal
  • Island-to-Island Communication, which encourages the volunteers on the different islands to get in contact with each other on a regular basis to promote the project objectives, discuss ideas and inspirations
  • Meetings with the Tutor & Mentor, as well as time allocated on a daily basis for the ESC Diary
  • OLS (Learning the local language)
  • Discussion, suggestions, proposals for voluntary Social and Cultural Activities

Throughout this project, the selected volunteers will adapt new knowledge & important personal & professional skills, which will better equip them to research, organise, develop & implement the activities, as well as for the continuation of their studies and entry into the labour market after the end of this project.

If you need more information, send us an email to: info@minevaganti.org


01 Mar 2021 - 28 Feb 2022


All Day