KA1 Youth ESC EU Volunteering “SoliDaring”

The project “SoliDaring” (SD) will involve 2 volunteers coming from an EU country for a period of 10 months starting from the 01/03/2021.

“SoliDaring” is a Volunteering project in the frame of European Solidarity Corps aimed at promoting European Values, preservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage in the Historic Center faced by urban decay in Italy (Sassari) and Sustainable Rural Development of rural area faced by socioeconomic issues in Romania (Harja/Oituz), as well as supporting social engagement and personal development of disadvantaged volunteers from EU countries.

The project “SoliDaring” objectives are based on the value of European solidarity which is expressed in the idea of the project itself: solidarity activities enabling both the volunteers and the local communities of Sassari’s Historic Center and Harja/Oituz to better promote and preserve targeted areas through the planned activities focusing on the use of Community Reporting, Social Entrepreneurship and Storytelling methodologies applied to the abovementioned areas.

The project foresees a youth volunteering pathway articulated in 2 individual mobilities of 10 months each. One of them, “CulturIDViews”, will take place in Sassari, Italy, and will involve young volunteers coming from EU countries.

The activities during the mobility will be carried out through a combination of Non-Formal Education and Community Reporting creative workshops aimed at fostering a greater awareness and participation in the valorisation of the cultural Heritage and identity (traditions, music, food, peculiarities of residents’ daily life) characterizing the area of the historic center.

For the purpose of the project, Mine Vaganti NGO is looking for 2 young people aged 18-30, residing in an EU country and who are facing socioeconomic exclusion due to being outside the circuit of education/employability (NEETs) in a long-term perspective. The volunteers must have good IT skills for the purpose of the activities.

The participants will be engaged in activities related to Community Reporting aimed at raising awareness of general public and young people regarding Cultural Heritage preservation and promotion of the Historic Centre of Sassari, through the production of Interviews that will have as protagonists the residents of the Historic Centre, both natives and migrants, in order to show the current situation from the perspective of the population that spends its daily routine in the Historic Centre.

This experience will enhance volunteers’ personal growth and empowerment, autonomy, soft skills and transversal skills maturation while enhancing prospective employability of volunteers.

If you need more information, send us an email to: info@minevaganti.org


01 Mar 2021 - 31 Dec 2021


All Day


MVNGO Youth division


MVNGO Youth division