KA105-Youth social EntrepreneurS

“Youth social EntrepreneurS” (YES) is a Training Course (TC) that will involve a mobility of 19 participants from 6 different countries (Italy, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia).
Social Entrepreneurship, with its considerable potential, could be the backbone of an approach to support the employability, participation and active citizenship of young people, founded on the transmission of transversal skills, spirit of initiative and attitude to entrepreneurship (creativity, innovation, risk-taking, ability to grasp opportunities and translate ideas into action) in the framework of Lifelong- Learning through Non-formal Education.
The objectives of the project are:
– Provide participants with a knowledge frame regarding social entrepreneurship;
– Provide participants with concrete competences regarding social entrepreneurship such as: marketing, management, communication and networking.
– Develop active participation through the creation of Non Formal Education tools based on social entrepreneurship.
Youth social EntrepreneurS is also connected to two of the objectives set out in the European Strategy 2020:
– Occupation
– Poverty and social exclusion

Youth workers (and youth leaders):
In attendance will be 13 participants – 2 per partner country and 3 from the hosting organization the municipality of Uri).
Age: 18-35 (except for participation requirements linked to professional development reasons).
Specific requirements:
– be integrated into the structure of the sending organization;
– experience of at least 2 years in working with young people through the methods of non-formal education;
– be interested in the theme of social entrepreneurship and motivated to share knowledge and methodologies and disseminate them within their organization.
Local administrators:
In attendance will be 5 participants – 1 per partner country and 1 from the hosting organization the municipality of Uri).
Age: 23-35 (except for participation requirements linked to the promotion of youth integration and local
development in the community).
Specific requirements:
– being local administrators in communities characterized by a high incidence of NEET among the youth population;
– be interested in developing Social Entrepreneurship skills and motivated to disseminate them within their community.


17 - 23 Jun 2021


9:00 am - 6:00 pm