KA105- Growth of Awareness and Learn through Sport

The Erasmus Key Action 1 project “Growth Of Awareness and Learn through Sport” (GOALS) is an initiative of the Municipality of Tempio Pausania, Asociacia Za Razvitie Na Bulgarskisport (BSDA) and Faal Denergi (FAAL) following a shared assessment of the priority to deploy inclusive approaches addressing difficult situations of young people that the 3 partner countries have in common.
Eurostat revealed in its reports (2017) a high percentage of youth unemployment In Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey. In these countries the ratio of unemployment is even higher in rural areas compared to urban areas, reflecting a generic disparity in terms of opportunities.
Furthermore, there is also a significant proportion of NEETs (people between 16 and 24 years that are not engaged in a study, don’t work and do not follow a training) within the overall youth population. These disadvantaged groups (NEETs, young people from marginalized rural areas or difficult urban contexts etc.) face significant problems in social, educational and work integration. Causing a sense of of estrangement from respective social context, which has repercussions in a sense of unease and absence of perspectives and increased vulnerability to deviant behavior at national and European level.
The aim of ‘GOALS’ is to use Sport and Non Formal Education (NFE) as a driving force for development of leadership, problem-solving, creativity and flexibility for the young – in a way to foster social integration.
Coordinated by the Municipality of Tempio Pausania the project offers, for 15 Youth Workers / Leaders, from Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey:
• a Training Course (TC): Sport is our inner strength
to be held in: Tempio Pausania, Italy


03 - 10 Jul 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm