KA1 Youth “I am an immigrant too”

I am an immigrant too” is a youth exchange project for young people that is financied by youth in action programme.

The project’s main objective is to raise awareness of young people about the issue of migrants and refugees in the world. In particular, we want the participants to share mutual experiences by including first, second and third generation immigrants into the group. We believe that problems can only be solved by speaking and working together.

Countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Turkey

Profile of participants: Young people aged 18-24; Team leaders 18 Participants: 6 participants 1 team leader per country (2 should be with fewer opportunities)

Venue: Sultansehir Uygulama Oteli, Sivas, Turkey

Days of activity: 8 days (excluding 2 travel days)

Dates: 06th (arrival) -15th (departure) August 2021

Project Objectives

  • To ensure that the participants are aware of the forced migration and refugee problem,
  • To support the participation of asylum seekers in social life, especially of those who have to leave their countries due to war and hunger,
  • To ensure that participants have information about the immigration policies implemented in European countries,
  • To lead participants to be self-confident individuals by supporting their personal and social development,
  • To prevent racism and xenophobia by achieving the integration of young people with temporary asylum seekers and the young from host countries;
  • To enable them to experience the advantages of multiculturalism by meeting different cultures,
  • To provide a social consciousness to solve the problem with the project,
  • Participants will have the experience and opinion of the traumas caused by immigration and how to deal with them.

More informations in Info-Pack below:


06 - 15 Aug 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
MVNGO Youth division


MVNGO Youth division