KA2 Youth Innovation ENGINE-Blended Mobility

Action: Blended Mobility

Topic: Educating New Generations in building a Non-radicalised Environment (ENGINE) is a strategic partnership project under the auspices of the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union for innovation in the field of youth aimed at empowering youth and social workers/operators who work with young people at risk of radicalisation, equipping them with efficient instruments and methodologies aimed at fostering critical thinking as well as preventing radicalisation. ENGINE explores the potential of Non-Formal Education combined with ’Theatre Forum’ and ‘Critical Thinking Methodology’ as a new pedagogical instrument aimed at preventing radicalisation among youth.

Non Formal Education

Target Group: “we are looking for” 5 participants with good English communication skills

Date: 10th – 18th November 2021

Where: Bonn, Germany

What will be done: The entire course will be comprised of workshops focussed on Theatre Forum, Media Literacy and Digital Storytelling aimed at preventing youth radicalisation, fostering critical thinking, inclusive behaviour and active citizenship. Workshops will each last half a day on content that the partners have created and tailored specifically for the mobility. Each workshop will be led by a facilitator, based on one of the thematics. The following agenda throws light on the type of workshop on each day of the event. A video is proposed to be made at the end of each workshop that explains the working of the methodology discussed and deliberated upon. The participants will also be involved in and participate in social networking and team-building events that will help them build networks and professional contacts for their future.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us: a detailed infopack will be provided!


10 - 18 Nov 2021


All Day


Fair opportunity,
Social Actions,
Youth employement


MVNGO Youth division


MVNGO Youth division