KA2 Youth Exch LiterED-Blended Mobility

Action: Blended Mobility

Topic: LiterED is a Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth aimed at promoting social inclusion of this particularly vulnerable set of targets. During the 24 months of cooperation, the consortium will share sharing, develop and spread good practices and tools- made available and made usable across countries and sectors by operators working to promote social inclusion of this particularly vulnerable set of targets.

Non Formal Education

Target Group: “we are looking for” 5 youth 18-25 years old
The minimum requirements for selection will be regular employment in
the sending organization, involvement in the education of young people
(preferably of youngsters with dyslexia or fewer opportunities from the
socioeconomic perspective). Participants will also have to be motivated to
acquire methodologies and understanding for promoting social inclusion
and educational integration of dyslexic youngsters.

Date: 24th-30th November 2021

Place: S A U L K R A S T I , L A T V I A

What will be done:
– Teambuilding Sessions.
– Introduction to Storytelling and key methods: The Hero’s Journey.
– Collecting Our Stories.
– How to develop motivation through Storytelling.
– Storytelling and Public Speaking.
– Storytelling as a tool to build the external identity of a social
business / product / initiative.
– The inspirational potential of stories: Storytelling as a method of
team-building in a group/NGO/Social Enterprise.
– Storytelling and corporate identity.
– Structuring our ideas: Developing our Social Entrepreneurship
Action Plan through Storytelling
– Filing up our idea: Integrating the Blog

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us: a detailed infopack will be provided!


24 - 30 Nov 2021


All Day


active citizenship,
Fair opportunity
MVNGO Youth division


MVNGO Youth division