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Action: Youth Exchange

Topic: Even before the pandemic, youth unemployment in European Union was three times higher than among the over-55s. Youth unemployment increased dramatically in several European Union countries during the Global Financial Crisis. It took several years before youth unemployment rates came down to, or fell below, pre-crisis levels. Even by 2019, this had not been achieved in all EU countries. The COVID-19 pandemic is now posing the same threat: younger generations face a harsher labor market than older generations (source: Eurostat). Youth tend to work more in retail, hospitality, and tourism, which were severely affected by the lockdown measures, including travel bans, to control the viral spread. Young people are often self-employed, on temporary contracts, service agreements, or in other insecure and precarious work, and so are more likely to be first to be laid off or to suffer cuts in hours. Moreover, as unemployment rises, they compete for work with older and more experienced workers who have a more settled pattern of employment. So they are more at risk of long-term unemployment and of a tough initiation into the labor market

Non Formal Education

Target Group: “we are looking for” 

 6 participants per country (36 in total)

Date: 14-22 June, 2022

Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

To improve youth skills that are likely to be in high demand in the post-coronavirus world, youth exchange “Work-Fever” will be organised in June, 2022. To be more exact, this project seeks to:

(1) evaluate the changes in the labor market during and after the pandemic;

(2) develop youth soft skills and improve competencies that are likely to be in high demand inthe post-coronavirus world;

(3) foster work opportunities for youngsters in the participating countries;

(4) improve youth’s understanding of entrepreneurship and the key skills needed to create abusiness, and

(5) boost the capability to adapt to change and encourage self-employment of those who havelost their jobs due to the pandemic.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us: a detailed infopack will be provided!


14 - 22 Jun 2022


All Day


Youth employement
MVNGO Youth division


MVNGO Youth division