KA1 Developing Skills for the Best Implementation

DEV SKILLS project is based on an internal SWOT analysis of the organization NGO NEST Berlin which identified a skill gap which is crucial to enhance staff members competence in order to reach a wider audience of disadvantaged adult targets living in the metropolitan area of Berlin, specifically the target group of adult migrant NEETs in the frame of environmental skills. After an attentive research of the methodological offers the board agreed to aim for two of the key European best practices which can be exploited in the frame of Non Formal Education: the Blended Learning and the Digital Storytelling.

By means of Blended Learning and Digital Storytelling four main goals can be achieved:

  1. Blended Learning will allow Nest Trainers to develop efficient and proper environmental education offer for adult migrant NEETs aimed at including them in the labour market.
  2. Digital Storytelling will allow Nest Social Media staff in promoting the organization educational offer for adult migrant NEETs in a more appealing perspective.
  3. Digital Storytelling will enable Nest Trainers to support the social inclusion in the community of adult migrants enabling them to communicate with the community with a tools that overthrow linguistic barriers.
  4. Digital Storytelling, will provide added value for the employability programmes in virtue of its professional feature.


 Trainers acting as a tutor and supervisor during educational

programsat localandinternational levels (5trainees).

  • Aged 20-35;
  • Regular staff resources within the organization;
  • Interestedand motivated in acquiring knowledge and methodologies about DigitalStorytelling to be employed inNEST’s strategic orientations towards the empowerment ofdisadvantaged Adult migrant NEETs, by organizing localworkshops of social inclusion andemployability empowerment as well as in disseminating their learning outcomes in theorganization (through specific internal Seminars targeted at their colleagues).
  • Committed to attend the full duration of the course;
  • Endowed with at least a working knowledge ofEnglish;
  • Resident in Germany
  • Participants should have basic command of English language as the Group consists ofdifferent people from different cultures and language

You can find more information in Info Pack below:


02 - 08 Aug 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


MVNGO Youth division


MVNGO Youth division