KA2 EXC Migrant Inclusion through Storytelling

Creating OpportunitieS for Migrant InClusion (COSMIC) is a Strategic Partnership lasting 24 months focused on promoting youth volunteering as an 

instrument to contrast discrimination against migrants and refugees among the youth categories and within the hosting societies at large. 

The programme of the activity will be the following:

– Ice-Breaking Games and Teambuilding (Fostering Group Dynamics). Description: Sessions of Ice-Breaking and Teambuilding designed to set the stage of mutual knowledge among participants as well as of continued cooperation throughout the learning process.

– Introduction to Storytelling: Origins, Fields of Applicability and Instruments. Description: Theoretical introduction to the methodology of Storytelling (Face-to-face presentations delivered by Facilitators will be employed. The experiential dimension of learning will be provided in the following session exploring the Hero’s Journey model of Storytelling).

– Understanding the basic structure of narratives: the “Hero’s Journey” model. Description: Participants will be involved in a practical session involving the elaboration of narratives grounded on the Hero’s Journey model, archetype of Storytelling narratives.

– Storytelling and contrast to stereotypes and discrimination: analysing the role of Storytelling in deconstructing discriminatory narratives against migrants and refugees. Description: Presentation and practical sessions on the use of Storytelling as an instrument for dispelling the most diffused narratives against migrants and refugees.

– Overcoming stereotypes and discrimination through Storytelling. Description:  Practical sessions on how Storytelling can be used, from the perspective of young people, as an instrument of building inner strength and overcoming psychological impact of stereotyping and discrimination.

– Storytelling as an instrument of group and identity building: towards an inclusive European citizenship. Description: Presentation and practical sessions to introduce and experience how Storytelling narratives can represent a tool for overcoming cultural/religious/ethnic divides and integrate diversity into a shared narrative of European identity.

– Developing Storytelling tools. Description: Participants will be divided in groups and work, with the support of Facilitators, in the production of original tools based on Storytelling to directly contrast discriminatory, racist and xenophobic narratives at the level of the youth.

– Establishment of Blog. Description: Participants will develop the “Inc-Hub” Blog as a real time diary of the learning process that will be updated throughout the duration of the latter. throughout the duration of the latter. Throughout the duration of the latter (from the Blended Youth Mobilities to the local activities).

The goals of the activity will be:

  • Developing participants’ knowledges and skills on how to employ Storytelling as a tool of contrasting stereotypes and prejudices, promoting a positive understanding of diversity among the youth.
  • Initiating the process of autonomous reporting of participants’ learning process through the development of a Blog.
  • Developing tools of non-formal education based on Storytelling for the phase of local activities.

the latter (from the Blended Youth Mobilities to the local activities).


31 Jul 2021 - 08 Aug 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


MVNGO Youth division


MVNGO Youth division