What is it?   

ECO-FUTURE training course has been designed for primary and secondary school teachers (6-13 yo students) that aims to develop their skills in the Circular Economy and Tinkering methodology, in order to enable them to educate the new generations in the values of sustainability.   

It is a training organised in several modules, both theoretical and practical, together with actual field activities. Participants will develop new competences in the field by following the GreenComp framework, the EU’s framework for sustainability skills.

The methodology used will be that of non-formal education.

Language of the training  


Project Partner Countries  

Italy, Finland, Republic of North Macedonia  

Who are we looking for?  

  • 5 primary and secondary school teachers (students between 6-13 yo) resident in Italy. 
  • In order to participate, a good knowledge of English is necessary to enable active participation in the workshops.  
  • To apply for participation please send an email attaching your CV and a short motivational letter.  

Travel, board and accommodation expenses  

Travel, board and lodging expenses will be reimbursed up to an established ceiling. For more information, please contact:   

The ECO-FUTURE project  

ECO-FUTURE (Teaching Circular ECOnomy to the FUTURE generations) is a 24-month cooperation partnership in school education aimed at promoting a support programme for primary and secondary school teachers. The aim of the project is to promote education on Circular Economy issues from teachers to children in order to stimulate positive benefits for future generations.  

Project website 


30 Oct 2023 - 03 Nov 2023


08:00 - 18:00