Blended Youth Mobility on Personal Development “EntrepRURAL Socialy”

“EntrepRURAL Socialy” is a Strategic Partnership in the youth field aimed at promoting the role of Social Entrepreneurship (SE), in combination with Non Formal Education (NFE) and practical learning, as a tool for enhancing social inclusion and employability of disadvantaged sectors of the youth population from rural area. The project aims at addressing these challenges through cooperation among countries, affected by massive youth unemployment phenomena. The focus is on extracting the educational potential of Personal development, Rural Needs’ Analysis, Storytelling and ICT as NFE pathways to foster entrepreneurial empowerment and concrete transition from ideas to action in the field of Social Entrepreneurship among the youth, in combination with NFE.

Who Can Apply:

– 32 young people from 4 countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy, Romania;
– NEETs youth (not employed in education, training or in the labour market)

The participants will learn and acquire valuable Social Entrepreneurial skills and build a successful future forus and our society.

Our Approach:


Empowers young people to become more aware about their opportunities and resources.


Identification of the spots the local community needs to be catered by means of Social Entrepreneurship action.


An instrument for structuring business ideas, establishing a clear identity of social enterprises and
related, as well as an internal cohesion.


Crucial area of expertise of a social entrepreneur profile and sector of direct entrepreneurial engagement.


05 - 11 Jun 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Nature and environment