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8×1000 Valdese “Foundation Soul and Soil”

Soul and Soil

The project was approved to MVNGO, in cooperation with the Ugandan partner Soul X-pression. The aim is to tackle the condition of deprivation and social exclusion suffered by street youngsters (ge 8-18) in the slums of Kampala by means of Education Through Sport and the building of local Youth operators’ capacities.  

Project activities are the following: 

 1- Seminar of training in the methods of NFE and ETS targeted at local Youth operators from the partner organizations working locally with Young people. 

2- Education Through Sport days involving youngsters in Kampala’s slums. 

The educational activities will be implemented by local Youth operators from the Ugandan partner in weekly modules of 3 days each (5 hours per day). In the process of preparing the events, a transfer of materials (Sport equipment) will take place with the purposes of setting the stage for the implementation of the activities and for the empowement of the local Youth sector.  

3- Football tournament involving the local Youth in Kampala.  





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8×1000 Valdese Foundation “Ti Vedo Ti Sento Ti Parlo 3”

         Ti Vedo, Ti Sento, Ti Parlo 3

The project aims at promoting cultural integration and social inclusion among the local population and migrants, particularly by addressing stereotypes and prejudice. The project will continue on the pattern initiated by the previous editions, while at the same time integrating the educational dimension of Education Through Sport (ETS).

The project will take place in 3 cities of North Sardinia: Sassari, Tempio Pausania and Olbia, with a total duration of 12 months. Project phases will be 3:

Phase 1: preparatory activities. Courses lasting 6 days in the 3 cities involved, with the aim of transferring knowledge and instruments to favour interculatural dialogue by means of Education Through Sport and Non Formal Education.

Phase 2- Implementeation of 20 workshops of 1:30 hours each in the educational institutions partners of the project with the aim of sensitizing Young students on the topic of cultural integration. 6 workshops will be focused on ETS, with the other 6 dedicated to NFE. There will be produced videos, comics, art products and a Manual for Young Promoters of Integration through NFE and ETS.

Phase 3- Dissemination through a Final Event (Let’s Pass the Ball) in order to maximize impact on the local reality and elaborate Ffuture follow-up schemese with the actors involved.

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8×1000 Valdese “Ti Vedo Ti Sento Ti Parlo 2”

In 2006, we witnessed an increase in the presence of migrants in the Sardinian territory, mostly concentrated in the big cities, thereby too often creating closed communities, little integrated in the local social fabric.

The project “Ti vedo, ti sento, ti parlo”; intended to continuwe on the pathway initiated by the previous edition of the project, with the aim of preventing the growth of a racist culture, answering the challenge of integration through poposing a culture of difference for a cohesive, inclusive and solidaristic society.

In particular, the project deployed its activities in the cities of Sassari, Olbia and Tempio. The project lasted a total 9 months divided in the phases of preparation, implementation and Dissemination of the achieved results. The implementation phase lasted between March and December 2017.

The project involved the following partners:

  • Scuola Pitagora of Sassari
  • ITCG Attilio Deffenu in Olbia
  • Liceo Artistico statale Fabrizio De Andrè Tempio Pausania
  • University of Sassari
  • ESN Sassari
  • Partecipazione e Sviluppo Onlus

The partner High Schools were involved in a pattern of intercultural learning and sensitization on the topics of integration focused on intercultural dialogue with the use of non formal education methods. A total of 3 Learning cycles was organized lasting 1:30 hours each on a 2 per week basis. The project achieved the production of a Video and various art products.

The Onlus Partecipazione e Sviluppo, working in migrant hosting/support, was involved in a series of meetings with the students of the University of Sassari as well as in the Final Event, with the involvement of the migrants hosted in the shelters managed by the organization. The Onlius also contributed to organizing the educational meetings and the Final Events foreseen by the project.

The University of Sassari was involved via the Courses in Political Science and International Cooperation. Overall, 20 students took part in 1 educational cycle of 8 workshops lasting 1:30 hours each on a 2 per week basis. The students also took part in the meetings addressing the topics of immigration and social inclusion reflecting over the opportunities to  establish cooperation for development arrangements in the territories concerned by migration flows. Migrants of different nationalities hosted in the shelters managed by the Onlus were involved, sharing their experiences and challenges through the Storytelling method, consisting in the  use of narrative in order to better promote values and ideas. Different workshops were organized, among which Cultural Tandems and roundtables wherein the youngsters shared and reflected over the diffenrent aspects of their culture in an interactive and innovative fashion. In this context, a productive work was carried out for the production of materials for the Final Event (informational material, projects, videos with traditional dance and music).

The ESN Sassari association offered its support in the organization of the Final Event by involving Erasmus students  who were in Sassari on an experience of study/internship. ESN Sassati is already experienced in organizing this kind of events, since it orgazizes the EuroTrip every year, involving foreign students.

During the last project month, a Final Event was implemented i order to valorize and disseminate project results sharing them with the community and with all project partners. The event, named World Trip, as it involved also youngsters coming from extra-European countries, was organized as a ful day in the Santa Caterina Square in Sassari (public square in the Old Town wherein youngsters of different nationalities are used to gathering) in whose context all the persons involved in the project, divided by nationality, presented their culture through sharing the culinary and gastronomical traditions of their home countries. Each group had the opportunity to have its own stand wherein to display tipical dishes, items, videos and inormational materials of different nature. The Event represented a moment of sharing and integration among students of different age-bands and people of different nationalities to favour social inclusion and sensitization.





The final output of the project was a mapping of existing Sardinian good practices of migrants’ integration.



The results of project final evaluation by participants were reported in the below Questionnaire.


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8×1000 Valdese Foundation “Ti Vedo Ti Sento Ti Parlo”

Ti Vedo Ti Sento Ti Parlo

The project “Ti vedo, ti sento, ti parlo” is a project born of the need to promote a culture of integration and intercultural dialogue by acting on the representations, prejudice and stereotypes that underlie the difficulty of interacting with diversity, perceived as a threat. The project is backed up by  fund of Otto per Mille della Chiesa Valdese.

The project, lasting 6 months, involved  the cities of:

-Sassari (Istituto “Pitagora”),

-Olbia (Istituto ITCG “Attilio Deffenu”) and

-Tempio Pausania (Liceo Artistico “Fabrizio De Andrè”).

The project leader is Mine Vaganti NGO. MVNGO elaborated a database with actors who working in the field of immigration, identifying numerous public and private associations. The result of the database has led to the creation of an informative booklet about activities and centers that carry out awareness-raising actions about migrant support.
VIDEO “Ti vedo, ti sento, ti parlo”



MVNGO organized meetings with 20 migrants from Relief Shelters



A mapping of existing good practices of NGOs working in migrants’ support in Sardinia was developed as a project output


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