Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Tempio Pausania-Barcelos

Beyond the borders: Active Citizens build a new European perspective


The project ” Beyond the borders: Active Citizens build a new European perspective” took place in March 2016 and aimed at building a network of partners active in the field of active citizenship in two internal Mediterranean cities affected by depopulation. The main aims were: to promote transnational cooperation among Italy and Portugal, sharing and transferring information, good practice and knowledge on improving the quality of the life in inner depressed areas raising their opportunity stimulating the active citizenship.

The overall aim of the project was to stimulate active citizenship actions in between the two countries in order to facilitate intercultural dialogue and to foster the sense of solidarity.

Both Municipalities are facing serious problems and both belong to really depressed areas (affected by geographical isolation: Internal rural areas in Gallura and the northern region of Portugal) and their economy is mainly based on third sector.

Tempio Pausania and Barcelos share similar traditions and both of them realized several local action based on the promotion of active citizenship (voluntary work, university of the third ages, social tourism) which are become during the years a strong column of the population.

In time of economic crisis, stimulating solidarity among citizens through be local actions means sorting out from the sense of isolation and frustration which affects the majority of the population.

The Municipality of Tempio Pausania hosted 50 participants of different ages from both municipalities to create a moment of knowledge and mutual understanding and an occasion for exchanging ideas, raising awareness about common issues and studying solutions to common problems, encouraging active citizenship and having the pleasure to meet each other.


-Platform network: create jointly action of exchange of volunteers and common future European projects

-Creation of a common event: the festival of solidarity



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Photovoice Comune di Olbia


The project was entirely funded by the Municipality of Olbia and implemented by MVNGO.

The activities involved 2 classes of the third High School year of the Institute and were implemented by two collaborators of MVNGO, a Trainer expert in Non Formal Education and a Facilitator.

“Photovoice Olbia” was a project involving youngsters aged between 16 and 18 from Istituto Superiore Amsicora IPIA, also through the use of communication media as photographs and videos, developing their creativity and putting the latter to the service of the citizenry through the promotion of active citizenship. “Photovoice Olbia” activated a path allowing young people to develop their own points of view regarding the world surrounding them as well as to exploit these as tools of social change through the use of photography, videos and group discussion. The language of imagery, easily accessible for young people in particular, was combined with text language by the development of digital instruments and of widespread tools as smartphones, bringing into being an original and innovative methodology of research and analysis about urban contexts and ordinary life experiences, which contributed to the development of the critical thinking of the youngsters involved, giving voice to marginalized individuals and areas of the city.




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Chance for a Change

Chance for a Change

“Chance for a Change” was held in Sardinia in 2014.

The promotion of Green Skills in Sardinia was the main objective of the project granted by Fondazione Banco di Sardegna.

This project was implemented in the Olbia Tempio Province.

Following the current economic crisis in the tourism sector, much of the population aged between 18 and 32 years, especially women, at one time used at least seasonally in the tourism industry, it is unemployed or, even worse, unoccupied .

In this context it is necessary to develop new skills to guarantee the possibility of devising new forms of employment and self-employment which have to be compatible with the tourism economy that characterizes the Gallura Region.

We proposed to create new artistic and technical skills in the collection of polluting materials for the creation of “green” products (recycled) that have a real value in use (eg, lamps, storage , landscaping items , small furniture the house etc.) and a value of “artistic”.

The object then was to create and develop in recipients of second instance a set of green skills  that are the necessary condition for a possible development of a processing techniques of “waste”, urban and not, thus triggering of professional competences in the context of a new green economy.


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Move Week 2014

Move Week 2014


A day of “Sport for All” organized by UISP Sassari and Mine Vaganti NGO, two of the five Italian organizations that are part of the Network of ISCA organizing the European week of sport, MOVE Week.
Sunday, October 5, 2014, in the fantastic scenario of the Park of Bunnari in Sassari various sports activities were proposed:
Race, Trekking, Soft Gym, Climbing, Archery, Horse riding, Surf, Mini Volleyball, Basketball 3 × 3, Handball, Sardinian Dances, Sports and Non Formal Education.
The day also had moments of entertainment, nature, music and refreshments with free admission.
The event is part of the European campaign Now We Move.
Now we Move is a European campaign, organized by ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association) in collaboration with ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) which aims to combat sedentary lifestyles, reverse the disturbing data on physical activity among young and old in Europe and bring as many citizens as possible to healthy lifestyles through proper physical activity.
Flagship event of the campaign is MOVE Week, a week dedicated to the promotion of sport and physical activity, which was held from September 29 to October 5, 2014.

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Fondazione Banco Sardegna Decisamente Abili! Follow Up

Decisamente Abili! Follow Up

“Decisamente Abili! ” was a follow up action of the Initiative Youth (Youth in Action Programme ) undertaken by MVNGO and  granted by the Fondazione Banco di Sardegna .

The overall aim of the project was to create a group of young people enable to be  volunteers in our region to support  the activities of local associations, such as Mine Vaganti European Youth Group and Amici del Sorriso.

MVNGO which promotes mobility through European Community programs, after taking part in a Study Session on physical disability, involved the second, who has been working with young people with Down syndrome by offering innovative theater methods to include them in Gallura’s community.

As an association MVNGO has experienced these dynamics taking part in some European projects, thanks to the participation in activities sponsored by various Community programs such as Youth in Action.

Unique and fundamental objective of the two associations involved, MVNGO and Amici del Sorriso, is the sharing of skills: the individuals with disadvantages, depending on the context, were represented by disabled children or youngsters from Gallura.

At the end of the project, the whole Group gained new skills and constructive acceptance of its limits, the group was finally united in being differenty abled!

Thanks to the support of Fondazione Banco di Sardegna it was possible to carry on additional activities to support those already implemented during the Youth Initiative.



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GNRD Foundation Project

GNRD Foundation Project


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Mine Vaganti NGO works with the Norwegian Foundation The Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD)

On July, tuesday 28th, MVNGO will implemented the project granted by the Foundation, “I Have The Right to Play”.

The Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) is an international non-governmental organization established in June 2008 with the aim to enhance and support both human rights and development by adopting new strategies and policies for real and lasting change.

GNRD has established the project “I Have a Right to Play” (GNRD-RTP) to utilize the powerful tool of sport as a human right instrument. With this project GNRD aims to shed a light on children’s unequal rights to play in a safe environment and focuses on supporting the most vulnerable groups of children worldwide, by advocating and raising public awareness about their poor social and economic conditions.

One of the first projects of Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) in Italy was implemented in the second largest city of Sardinia Sassari in cooperation with Mine Vaganti NGO.

Event with a name “I Have a Right to Play“ took place in Centro Giovani Santa Caterina, which was open for kids and youngsters from the city with fewer opportunities and economicaly poorer conditions in order to support their interests and increase their capacity to effectively participate in society.

One of the main goal of the GNARD is to promote human rights through sport.

During the event participants had a chance to play football for their rights. Every one of the participants had their own role and condition which allowed or do not allowed him to play the game for a short time. This role acting help them to imagine, what kind of barriers would not allow them to play the game in their lives if they suffer from one of the conditions.

Most of the kids and youngsters who regularly visited Centro Giovani Santa Caterina did not have access to many sport facilities. They are in the age of developing the relevant skills which could be determining their future career. Because of that critical point of their age every event which support them being active and to be aware of their rights is beneficial for them.

The young participants, aged between 10-17 years, took part in fun activities under the slogan “Let’s Win our Rights” in the company of local officials and teachers.

Except of the skills usually gaining through the game as teamwork, respect, self-confidence, fairplay and solidarity, participants additionaly expanded the horizonts of their rights.

During the event supported by GNARD, they could enjoy the game in the center of the Sassari with the support of the audience , proffesionals and after the briefing and discussion awards and gratulations.

Roberto Solinas, President of MVNGO on behalf of the cooperating team and participants is thankful GNARD for creating and supporting event „I Have a Right to Play“ for the young generation of Sassari.

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Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Olbia-Aljaraque

Enjoy Tourism

The project “Enjoy Tourism” was aimed to build a network of partners active in the field of seaside tourism in two Mediterranean countries affected by economic crisis. The main aims were: to promote transnational cooperation among, sharing and transfering information, good practice and knowledge on improving the quality of the life through tourism, specially regions in crisis or conversion, to create a transnational, crossborder learning network on tourism strategies in southern regions, to improve the quality of Tourism by strengthen the involvement of civil society.

Olbia and Aljaraque have many similarities: they belong to a Southern EC, they share the same Mediterranean culture, they are facing the same problems with the economical crisis and their economy is mainly based on tourism.

The project consisted in gathering 60 participants of different ages from both municipalities to create a moment of knowledge and mutual understanding and an occasion for exchanging ideas, raising awareness about common issues and studying solutions to common problems, discovering respective cultural heritage and having the pleasure to meet each other.
The main theme of the project was be based on the promotion of euro-mediterranean tourism (common roots) mostly focus on their traditions.
This project aimed at gathering information about the present condition of tourism education in both countries, to provide support to workers in tourism industry with the opportunities of sharing best practice and know how.
This project purported itself to raise awareness of the valorization of both traditions in order to attract tourist creating new perspective of employement. We wished to strengthen cooperation through the creation of a network of partners.

Project activities :
-Platform network:intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding through exchanging best practice ;
-Creation of a common event
In the context of the above, the two municipalities will read and sign the Twinning Oath.


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Fill My Value Backpack Kenya

Fill My Value Backpack

Mine Vaganti NGO developed a project called “Fill My Value Backpack” in Kenya, in March 2014.

The goal was to trasfer Sport and Non Formal Education Methodologies to more than 3000 children through local Youth Leaders.


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Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Nuoro-Elche

Discovering ancient Roots

MVNGO was the coordinating organisation of the Europe for Citizens project “Discovering ancient Roots”.

The aim targeted by the Project was to underline the importance of European integration through traditions.

The Municipality of Nuoro in Sardinia (Italy) and Elche in Spain have many similarities: they share very ancient roots and common values. Ancient traditions are fundamental veichle for promoting a sustainable tourism for their territory.

The project consisted in gathering 50 participants of different ages from both municipalities in Sardinia to create a moment of knowledge and mutual understanding and an occasion for exchanging ideas, raising awareness about common issues and studying solutions to common problems, discovering respective cultural heritage and having the pleasure to meet each other.

The main theme of the project was based on the promotion of social tourism (common roots) mostly focus on traditions like carnival, folks, food and beverages, etc.

With this project we proposed ourselves to raise awareness about the valorization of both traditions in order to attract tourists creating new opportunities of employability. One of the aims was to share best practices about cultural tourism. Three main areas of activities:

Cultural events: intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding through ancient rites;

Events about active citizenship and employability: cultural tourism and new job opportunities, analysis of common problems and how to face them creating twining cultural events;

Workshops and lectures about common issues: European citizenship, cultural tourism (educational tour in the archeological site area).

The choice of these areas was aimed at allowing the direct involvement of citizens, cultural events and informal meetings. Nuoro and Elche have in common a strong touristic tradition but usually, tourists usually don’t experience the full beauty of these regions, but just the sea. In the context of the above, the two municipalities read and signed the Twinning Oath.


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European Council’s Child Consultations on Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment

MVNGO took part in the consultation launched by the Council of Europe in the frame of the priority area “New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) affect children’s employment of a significant number of fundamental rights guaranteed by the UNCRC, the European Convention on Human Rights and the European  Social Charter. According to the recommendations issued by the UN Committee on Rights of the Child, all children should be able to safely access ICTs and digital media, and be empowered to fully participate, express themselves, seek information and enjoy al the rights enshrined in the UNCRC and its Optional Protocols wothout discrimination of any kind”. The aforementioned priority is part of the Council’s Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2016-2021).

The consultation foresaw a set of consultations with the children and stakeholders at the national level in 8 countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, italy, Romania and Urkraine) .

The consultations took place in the month of April 2017 with the objective of elaborating policy guidelines for EC member States with the purposes of promoting, potecting and fulfilling childrens’ rights in the digital environment. The recommendations elaborated by the youngsters were forwarded to the Committee of Ministers for examination and filetering into a specific thematic resolution with direct impact on young people’s lives.

In this frame, MVNGO carried out the consultations in Italy in a set of activities with the young students of ITC Satta in Nuoro and Istituto Paritario Pitagora in Sassari. The cycle of sessions resulted in the elaboration of two specific documents conteining youngsters’ recommendations to the Council of Europe.

The work of MVNGO at the Italian level received mention within the final Report with the results of the consultation phase elaborated at the level of the Council of Europe.


The recommendations of youth participants to the Council of Europe are integrated in the below documents 

Istituto Paritario Pitagora- Recommendations

Message to Strasbourg- ICT Satta


The report with the results of the general consultations can be accessed at the below link

Report Child Consultations





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