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Grundtvig In-Service Training Education and Sport for All

Education and Sport for All


The main aim of this training course, which took place in Sassari (Sardinia), between 1 and 5 April 2014, was to teach 5 adult learners how to use sport as an educational tool for inclusion using the non formal education method.

Actually, the TC was aimed to demonstrate how to create games using sport therapy according to the necessities of people with special needs developing concrete activities for including them into the community.

Those games are called “adaptive games” because they are adaptable according to the ability of participants: everyone will be in the same level and feeling actively involved in the game.

Participants analyzed the aggregative power of sport, using it as a tool for fighting against discrimination.

In concrete the learning aim of the TC were as follows:

– To show how Sport can be the perfect tool of inclusion and stimulate in the activities people with less opportunities (specially disable bodies);

-To break stereotypes towards vulnerable groups providing the participants with a good understanding about social inclusion/exclusion, discrimination, human rights education;

– To create an international network of professionals, volunteers, associations aimed to disseminate successful good practices at international level and gathering new ideas from each other in order to amplify the multiplier.

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Grundtvig Workshop “Inclusive Methods on Foreign Language”

Inclusive Methods on Foreign Language

The aim of the Grundtvig Workshop organised in September 2013 by MVNGO was to develop participants’ individual and social skills, relevant to their personal development and learning needs.

During the workshop, the participants’ creativity, teamwork skills, self-confidence and readiness for collaboration with others was enhanced.

Non formal education had a positive influence in people with very different cultural and social background, so it can be used as a tool in the education process, providing competence development for personal self-esteem.

Main activities of the Workshop were planned following the prototype of the simulation method.

The programme of the Workshop consisted of four different parts, where participants had an active role: they had to find out a solution to different types of problems accouring during the classroom sessions about different topics: intercultural dialogue, difficulties of comprehension, cultural behavior and linguistic barriers.

Every teacher could face off problems during his/her daily work.

The aim was to create “adaptive lessons” according to the different capabilities of the potential students to interact or understand another language.

The main activites of the project were based on the use of Non formal education as a supporting method for facilitating the process of Learning a language by foreigners.

The introduction of NFE Education and NFE methods helped to promote Community Content- Based Instruction within the formal educational system, because it:

-Involves students actively in identifying needs and finding solutions,

-Promotes learning that is practical, flexible, and based on real needs,

-Focuses on improving the life of the individual and/or community,

-Encourages students to assess, practice and reflect on their learning,

-Promotes the use of NFE as a facilitator process during the working session.

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Grundtvig Workshop “Overcome Borders- Gain Mobility”

Grundtvig Workshop “Overcome Borders- Gain Mobility”

MVNGO took part in the GRUNDTVIG workshop “Overcome Boders- Gain Mobility” implemented in Berlin by the German organization “Comaprative Research Network” (CRN) between July 14-20 2013.

The Workshop focused on the topic of the concept of “territorial borders” and on how the latter changed with the passing of time. The topic was addressed starting from the evolution known by the dynamics of integration (particularly in the European frame) and globalization, characterized by a renegotiation of identitarian and cultural belongings, whose increased porosity and  blurriness stands in stark contrast with the rigidity (often of an exclusive, violent and intimidating nature) which accompained territorial demarcation lines in past eras.

In the above perspective, Berlin was chosen as an optimal setting, in light of it representing a microcosm, geographical and historic in nature, of the political and territorial dynamics typical of key phases of conflict in global history (with a particular reference to the Cold War).

During the workshop, participants discussed how to progress towards overcoming the concept of border in the future as well as reflected over the arbitrary nature of the distinctions brought about by territorial frontiers.

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Grundtvig In-Service Training “Environmental Education on Amazonia”

Environmental Education on Amazonia in French Guiana

The TC was organized in Cayenne (French Guiana) between 5 and 9 August 2013, with the participation of staff members from Mine Vaganti NGO. The hosting organization was the local NGO ICOFOR.

The specific objectives of TC were:

– Assisting the development of innovative practices in adult education  and the transfer of knowledge about how to teach uncoventional methods;

– Acquire experience, “Learn by Doing” and gain knowledge about the Amazonian Forest;

– Live eco-education;

Personal and social development.

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Grundtvig “Study Visit at Spolint Think Tank”

Study Visit at Spolint Think Thank

The study visit took place betweeen 11 and 17 June 2013 in the facilities of the Slovenia-based international think-thank Spolint, in the city of Liubljana.

Purposes of the visit were:

– Developing knowledge of the dynamics of Spolint, moments of discussion and observation of all operating units (fundraising, communication, european project management, local projects and pool of Tainers).

– Meeting with institutional partners (such as the Mayor of Bresovica) and visit to structures and facilities that could accommodate training courses in the future;

Discussion and analysis of the role of sport as an agent of social inclusion for people with fewer opportunities, in particular in relation to the disabled bodies.

Exchange and sharing of skills and methods (Spolint projects such as Sportikus and Asthma).

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Grundtvig “Preparatory Visit at Kean NGO”

Grundtvig Preparatory Visit at Kean NGO, Greece

Place of the Visit:-Ilion Athens (Greece)

Dates: August 20-25, 2012

Host Organization: Kean

Purpose: The preparatory visit has allowed us to develop the basis for a future collaboration with the host association.

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Grundtvig In-Service Training “Be a Facilitator!”

Be a Facilitator!

The in-Service training was hosted by the Portuguese National Agency, taking place in Lisbon between 9 and 15 July 2012.

The main objective of the training was to develop professional facilitators capable of using non formal education methods as instruments to support learning processes, with a particular focus on disadvantaged audiences of learners.

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Grundtvig Study Visit at CECIS NGO

Study Visit at CECIS NGO


The Study Visit took place in Targu Jiu (Romania), in the premises of the Romanian NGO CECIS, between May 9-15 2012.

The purpose of the Study Visit was to carry out an activity of  “job-shadowing” (observation) with an institution involved in the field of adult education (formal or non-formal).

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