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Europe for All!

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MVNGO was a partner organization in a FP7-PIC CALL, programme which has been now integrated in the new Horizon 2020 programme.

The overall aim of “Europe for All!” was to provide a training course on inclusive tourism targeted at tourism providers.

The main aspects stressed by the project were as follows:

main attention focused on the quality of the service offered;

empowering ìtourism offers for peop,e with disabilities;

facilitating European mobilities of disabled tourists.

The touristic offer was mostly based on a product conceived on the main idea that tourism has to be accessible to everyone.

This transnational activity was focused on supporting the empowerment of tourism services through a comparative research among the 5 countries of the consortium strengthening the relationship between Italy, Greece, Germany, Turkey and Uk.

The Consortium was born for promoting a mutual exchange of best practices and methodologies among countries in order to develop the sense of belonging to Europe and to facilitate transnational mobility of people with disabilities.

The touristic training highlighted the following characteristics :

–          High quality of the service;

–          Swot analysis

–          Main concept of inclusive tourism;

–          Communication;

–          Welcome set;

–          Marketing Campaign.

This project was aimed on producing a benefit for the community of resident creating employability and new job opportunities for local people aimed to provide an high standard of the tourism offer for disable bodies starting from the analysis of their needs.

As mentioned above the main aims of the project were triple:

– fostering the mobility through inclusive approach of tourism field;

– transfer new methodologies and competencies to tourism providers;

– promote new job opportunities.

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FP7 “Forever Young!”

Forever Young!

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MVNGO is partner in a FP7-PIC CALL (Facilitating transnational low season tourism exchanges in Europe encouraging Senior Citizens to travel), programme which now merged in the new Horizon 2020.

The project “Forever Young!” is aimed at building a learning network of partners active in the field of sustainable tourism in rural areas.

The main aim was to promote a transnational cooperation among the following countries Italy, Germany, Turkey, Uk and Greece in term of sharing information, best practice and knowledge on improving the quality of life in rural areas (create a new job opportunity through tourism). All the partners were engaged in offering an unique regional experience to the tourism offer as an added value promoting sustainable tourism and cultural heritage in these regions.

The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and the tourists themselves, generating a low impact on the environment and local culture as possible, while helping to generate future employment for local people.

Sustainable tourism is an adopted practice in successful ecotourism.

The main aim of the Consortium was create a joint initiative for promoting eco-tourism and all the opportunities linked to it (excursions, agritourism, bio-tourism and so on) through regional marketing actions.

All the partners will promote joint initiatives sharing experience through structured action: seminars, conferences, comparative guides (that are easily reproducible, comparable and could be disseminated in different countries).

All the joint actions were promoted through an unique platform through the web aiming at sensitizing tourists to an eco-oriented attitude enjoying the nature. All the partners will use the same label in all the promotional materials that states the sense of belonging to the network.

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