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Fondazione Con il Sud “Together For Tavolara”

Together for Tavolara

Mine Vaganti NGO woked in cooperation with the prestigious Fondazione Con il Sud.

For the deadline of May 2015, Mine Vaganti NGO designed in collaboration with the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara a project that aims to raise awareness to environmental protection.

10 qualified partners were involved in the Consortium: Area Marina Protetta Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo; Associazione Slow Dive; Centro Nautico Levante; Reef Check; ITCG Attilio Deffenu di Olbia; Be The Change; Università degli Studi di Sassari; Comune di Olbia; Comune di Loiri – Porto San Paolo and Comune di San Teodoro.

Together for Tavolaraincluded actions of active citizenship and environmental awareness-raising activities about the Protected Maritime Area of Tavolara.

The project lasted two years consists of marine and land activities to involve the population of the surrounding area.

The architrave of the project is represented by the concept of “Citizen Science”, which the Oxford Dictionary defines as “The collection and analysis of data by an audience, which takes part in a project in collaboration with professional scientists.

The lines of action were 4: non-formal education, diving, sailing and data collection and analysis.

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Fondazione Con il Sud Call 2018

Mine Vaganti NGO is a partner in a project proposal in the frame of the  “Bando Ambiente 2018” of the Fondazione CON IL SUD.

The Call, expired on June 8, 2018, focused on the prevention and reduction of environmental risks within Parks and Protected Natural Areas in southern regions.

In fact, over 200 protected natural areas in southern Italy are threatened by loss of biodiversity, pollution, fires and, more generally, by hydro-geological instability. A heritage of such a great cultural and economic value must be protected and valorized through an effort extended to the entire community.

The “Bando Ambiente 2018” is embedded in the logic of the European Biodiversity Strategy 2020 and of the National Biodiversity Strategy, which recognize the value of ecosystem services in decision-making and spatial planning processes, in order to adequately conserve and capitalize upon environmental capital in the context of sustainable development policies.

In this context it is also essential to actively involve the communities residing in protected areas and in the surrounding areas, through the promotion of initiatives and mechanisms that are able to promote the diffusion of behaviors aimed at the care and defense of the environment.


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