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K1 Youth YE The Best Shot of Youth

The Best Shot of Youth

MVNGO supported the Informal Group Moving Values in the implementation of the bilateral Youth Exchange “The Best Shot of Youth”, April 21-28 2018.

The project involved the participation of a total 44 youngsters coming from disadvantaged areas/peripheries in Italy and Spain (22 youngsters per youth exchange).

The project aimed at promoting full social inclusion of youngsters living in disadvantaged rural and urban areas through two different Youth Exchanges based on Non Formal Education tools and methodologies involving the use of Music and Dance as the main educational instrument.


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K1 Youth YE New Media New People

“New Media New People” was a Youth Exchange held in Porto Conte (Sardinia) between August 18-23 2018. The Youth Exchange was implemented by the Informal Youth Group “Purple Cow”, with the support of MVNGO.

Participants were 35 youngsters aged 18-25.

This YE dealt with the importance of reconciliation and peacebuilding processes stimulating the sense of solidarity and promoting intercultural dialogue.

During the YE New Media tools (social networking sites, online video and photo channels) were integrated with non formal educational activities focused on the intercultural dialogue.

New media were used throughout the project as an effective tool of communication and dissemination.

In Europe we all live in a multicultural environment. For each of us, knowledge related to multiculturalism is particularly important, especially for the cause of greater integration. Nowadays we need to educate youngsters to get rid of the stereotypes and prejudices tied to their cultural and Mass Media influenced “luggage”.

The current situation of Europe, which is challenged with receiving and integrating refugees requires an innovative and more effective education of youth. Knowledge and attitudes connected with respect for others and respect for different cultures have to be spread among young people, who will form the Europe of tomorrow. This youth will shape future life, politics and social affairs. That is why it is so important to prepare young people for the new challenges posed by a modern, globalized world and get the youngsters to be engaged in an active citizenship.

This project focused on new media, especially social media networks as a part of everyday online communication practices of young people. During the YE participants will learn through non formal education, how to use different new media channels and applications to promote respect for cultural differences, sense of solidarity and foster intercultural dialogue. Participants also used new social media skills as writing, making photography, filmmaking, creating music to transmit positive messages on the Internet and shaping a society based on tolerance and cultural diversity.

The main objectives of the project were:
– Promote respect for different cultures and knowledge about different nations and religions;
– Launch dialogue and cultural exchange among the participants;
– Encourage respect for diversity and tolerance;
– Achieve a multiplier effect.
– Promote new media as a tool for spreading tolerance and respect for difference among youngsters;
– Make participants ambassadors of multiculturalism with their peers.


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K1 VET TyFoonCat


Mine Vaganti NGO was partner of the TyFoonCat project, written and implemented in collaboration with the coordinating body Institute of Higher Education Ciuffelli-Einaudi.

MVNGO was the reference body for mobility of the Region of Sardinia.

Erasmus + – Action KA1 VET is a sectorial program that is part of the wider Erasmus +, the European Union’s Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020 program. It has the goal of offering opportunities for study, training, work experience or volunteering abroad, and developing, through transnational cooperation, quality, innovation and the European dimension in systems and practices in the field of vocational training, thus contributing to the promotion of a Europe of knowledge. Through the specific VET measure the program supports the pursuit of professional internships abroad to be held at companies and institutions. For internships is meant specifically the pursuit of a period of training and / or professional experience.

Within the Erasmus + sector, the Institute of Higher Education Ciuffelli-Einaudi received € 755,591.00 for the year 2015 to fund the 210 mobility mobility of 6 weeks to be held at organizations in EU countries.



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K1 VET Passpartout

Passpartout 2020

“Passpartout 2020” is an Erasmus Plus KA1 project in the VET field targeted at 100 students enrolled in the 3rd and 4th High School years coming from 4 Italian Regions with the objective of fostering their competences in the field of Digital Tourism.

The project consists in offering the partecipating students the opportunity of attending internship experiences in foreign businesses connected to the field of digital tourism in one of the following countries: Ireland, England, Malta, Spain and France.

Digital Tourism is an emerging and fast developing business sector in Italy, wherein a 3% growth in tourism accommodation services’ purchases was registered in 2016 as compared with the year 2015. Among all the sectors of tourism services, Mobile Commerce by means of Mobile devices has known the highest growth in terms of percentage, with a 70% increase as compared with 2015.

Italian tourists are particularly active in purchasing tourism services of every kind by means of digital instruments/architectures.

Passpartout 2020 was developed with a specific sectorial approach focused on the individuation of professional profiles satifying the requirement of innovation so as to allow a smooth and durable integration of Youth beneficiaries in the labour market as well as developing the transversal skills forming the basis for a future  self-entrepreneurial engagement in the tourism Sector.

The project aims at:

– Reducing educational dropout rates through promoting paths and strategies of internationalization.

Training professional profiles that are competitive in the labour market in the field of tourism and in the related fields: social media, marketing, creation/development of digital instruments and new technologies.

– Promoting national cooperation among regions in order to create a network of knowledge and favour the recognition of competences acquired during extra-curricular experiences.


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K1 Youth YE Youth Picture

Youth Picture


Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) organised a Youth Exchange in the frame of the Erasmus+ Key Action 1, Youth Picture

Activity: August 17-25 San Teodoro (travel days inc.) Target Group: youth workers, social workers plus a youth member of their organisation willing to act as multipliers in their territory.

The project represented a jointly elaborated effort based on NFE methods aimed at empowering youngsters, with a particular focus on NEET youths, in being active drivers of development of degraded urban areas through the use of Photography as a tool for expressing their feelings, ideas as well as narrating the peculiarities characterizing each local reality.

The choice of Photography as the main educational vehicle was based on the assumption that images can be more impacting than words.

Photography has a specific social usefulness in breaking stereotypes, promoting mutual understanding and empathy, facilitating processes of social inclusion and social change in general.

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K1 Youth EVS Pro Art

K1 Youth EVS Pro Art

The Pro-ART project aims to bring positive focus on interculturality, tolerance, and diversity by enabling six young British and Italian volunteers to take part in 7-months EVS projects that will use arts as a medium to promote these values.

The volunteers will be organising local events where different art forms will be promoted in order to facilitate social and cultural dialogue. The project will equip the volunteers with skills and competences that can then be used to either return to formal learning or to secure sustainable employment upon completion.

The Pro-ART project will seek to benefit both the community and the volunteers, by inviting them to use their creativity to implement a series of projects that will bear their personal signature, foster interculturality, tolerance, diversity and social cohesion and combat racism and xenophobia at the same time. Pro-ART will link to the Erasmus+ programme objectives by: 1. Supporting learners in the acquisition of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences) with a view to improving their personal development, their involvement as considerate and active citizens in society and their employability in the European labour market and beyond; 2. Enhancing notably the participants’ foreign languages competence; 3. Raising participants’ awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts, to actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity; Specifically, this EVS Project will seek to:

1. Promote diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights as well as on projects enhancing media literacy, critical thinking and sense of initiative of young people;

2. Equip youth workers with competences and methods needed for transferring the common fundamental values of our society particularly to the hard to reach young people and preventing violent radicalisation of young people

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K1 Youth YE A Tune of Peace

K1 Youth YE A Tune of Peace

Associazione Culturale Pitagora (ACP) is dedicated to promoting intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and tolerance among youngsters.

The Youth Exchange “A Tune of Peace” was elaborated by MVNGO and implemented by MVNGO’s Team of Facilitators in Uri (Sardinia), between July 24-31, 2017.

Considering the worldwide situation where violence occurs in a big amount nowadays, ACP has decided to celebrate peace and solidarity among youngsters with an ambitious youth mobility project in Italy.

The Youth Exchange “A Tune of Peace” involved 6 partner organisations from the following countries: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Hungary, Macedonia and Italy, 4 young people and 1 youth leader from each country, all together 30 participants.

Participants: 18-25 years old, motivated and ambitious young people, students and youth leaders, actively involved in local organisations, and who are actively interested in the field of music, art or sport.

The working language of the Youth Exchange was English.

The project addressed the topic of “Music, art, sport and non-formal education as tools for creating the atmosphere of tolerance, understanding, conflict management and peace”.

The objectives of the project were:

  • To bring people from different nations together and create the atmosphere of tolerance, understanding, conflict management and peace;
  • To use music, art, sport and non-formal education tools to give participants a personal experience about international cooperation and quality teamwork;
  • To promote social dialogue through social media channels in order to reach a large number of international youngsters with the message of peace;
  • To give opportunities and positive examples to youngsters for practicing active citizenship by involving them in art, music and sport activities together with local people.


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K1 Youth TC Are Youth Kidding

K1 Youth TC Are Youth Kidding

The Municipality of Uri implemented the Erasmus Plus KA1 multiactivity project (2 Training Courses) “Are Youth Kidding” with the cooperation of Mine Vaganti NGO.

The main topic of the project was to address the issue of Satire in connection with respect for different identities and adherence to the No Hate Speech values.

Are Youth Kidding involved 36 youth workers/leaders in two interrelated and interconnected events with the twofold purpose of engaging:
Youth leaders interested in the issues addressed and in their implications on promotion of tolerance, social inclusion and cultural dialogue.
Youth workers involved in communication and dissemination sharing the concern for balancing attention to innovative strategies and instruments of communication (i.e. satire on social networks) with requirements of non discriminatory and responsible communication.

The activities of the project were the following:

  • Practical Seminar “Humour and Hate Speech. Can you tell the difference?”

The Seminar was held in Uri (Sardinia, Italy), between November 5-12 2015, with the involvement of Young people aged 18-35 interested in the themes of Satire and/or communication.

The goals we set for the seminar can be summarized as follows:
– To empower youth leaders with tools to master satire as a method for transmitting values and ideas.
– To sensitize youth leaders on the themes of non discriminatory speech and inclusive communication.
– To stage the ground for an encounter between different cultural sensibilities on the issue with youths as the central actors of exchange and mediation.
– To elicit a dynamic of dissemination within national organizations reaching out to youth operators on the field thereby strengthening organizational sensibility on the issue as well as organizational capacities.

  • Training Course “The Language of Satire: Potentialities and Misuse. Rules of Engagement for an Inclusive Communication”

The Training Course was held in Uri between 29 February and 7 March, with the participation of Youth workers aged 18+ involved in the field of communication/dissemination.

The aims of the Training Course were:

– To provide youth operators operating/involved with different roles in the field of communication/dissemination with the knowledge and methods to engage in inclusive and non-discriminatory communication.
– To endow participants with an understanding of how satire might undergo a distortion for discriminatory or hate purposes as well as produce the same result through a careless use.
– To enhance integration of activities among participant organizations, sharing of best practices as well as set the ground for eventual follow-ups in the same field with a view on widening the net of actors interested and involved in initiatives in this field (other NGOs, local communities, network of experts etc.).

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K1 Youth MultiActivity Green Power

K1 Youth MultiActivity Green Power

Green Power was a KA1 multiactivity project coordinated by MVNGO and composed of a Training Couse and a Youth Exchange.

Green Power involved a target of social workers, educators and environmental activists as a means to create a shared pattern wherein to pool knowledge and experiences, exchange good practices and usher in a network of Young people actively engaged in green issues.

The project aimed at creating a civic awareness and a greater sensitivity to respect for the environment, working on issues such as:
– Dispersion of youth potential;
– Disinterest and misinformation regarding environmental issues;
– Youth emigration;

From an educational point of view, the following objectives were addressed:
– Encourage flows of knowledge between participants and experts who, through their skills, provided useful information and brought concrete examples of success.
– Increase young people’s awareness of their fundamental role in rural areas. Emphasis was placed on how they should be the protagonists of the process of social transformation towards more sustainable and innovative models from an environmental and employment point of view.
– Enrich the knowledge on the environment and on its social relevance.

The issue of environmental sustainability was addressed under the lens of the creation of new opportunities of employability and entrepreneurship for young people in rural areas.

The two activities of the project were the following:
1. “Green Power” Training Course. The Training Course was implemented in Tempio Pausania between 2 and 10 July 2015, with the involvement of youth workers from Italy, Austria, Greece, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Croatia.
2. Youth exchange “Let’s live sustainable!”. The Youth Exchange took place in Uri between 30 March and 7 April 2016 with the participation of young people interested in environmental issues from all partner countries.


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K1 Youth TC Get Connected 2

Get Connected 2

“Get Connected 2” (GC2) was a Training Course (TC) that aimed to gather in Uri, Sardinia, 21 participants from 9 countries.

There were 7 full working days. The countries: Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Malta and Romania. Participants: youth /social workers from partner organizations engaged or dealing with Social Media and E-Participation.

Theme: Organisers and Trainers wanted to develop participants’ skills, knowledge and attitudes concerning how to involve youth people through E-Media in the policy making processes.

We dedicated each day to a social media tool (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and You Tube) starting with a contribution of an expert and concluding with practical challenges for participants.

The connection between the days and the full picture of the event was clear since the first day; the idea was to create 3 European Campaigns using Social Media and addressign the most important topic of interest in group (environmental protection, sport as a tool for inclusion and green entrepreneurship). Furthermore, participants planned 3 K1 multi-activities proposal which are strictly linked to Social Media and Youngsters.

The Training Course was a follow up of a previous event which took place in Cyprus in November 2013, “Get Connected”, which explored e-participation through a general overview of the tools used by youth leaders.


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