Erasmus+ Key 3

Mine Vaganti NGO is working on a project proposal concerning an initiative of the Structured Dialogue between Youth Leaders and Policymakers which aim to reform youth policy to be presented on October 2017
The proposed structured dialogue is to involve local governments and technicians of the municipalities of Cento, L’Aquila and Olbia, members of the Civil Defence Local, National and young people (minimum 60 direct, indirect expected at least 200 on 3 municipalities) belonging to the municipalities involved and actively participate at the local level, for the development social and cultural development of its territory.

The focus of the three national meetings to be undertaken, will be the youth participation, involving young people not only as promoters of cultural activities at the local, but also as an integral element of complexity in situations such as those emergency post events calamitous.

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MVNGO EYF 2013 “Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia”

MVNGO EYF 2013 “Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia”

“Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia” was a Training Course held in Olbia and its nearby rural countryside in July 2013.
MVNGO promotes environmental protection and green skills as new job opportunities for young European citizens through Youth European Europe (YEE) network.
The TC wanted to discuss about the promotion of active participation aimed to promote zero impact entrepreneurship.
The main topics of discussion were energy efficiency, renewable energies, recycling as a method for reducing the impactof nocive emission and in full respect of nature.
Furthermore, the TC was focused on the promotion of the so called green skills as a tool for promoting youth entrepreneurship in Sardinia.
The TC was designed to explore different tools and working methods in Environmental Companies, NGOs or Educational Centres specialized to work in this field, the project had the ambition to share and promote green strategies to work as a system, to improve their capabilities and develop new skills.
As in every project, organizers had to adapt the expectations and the activities to the potential of the group.
Consideration about the participants:
1. In the final list of participants only 4 people of the 18 participants had experience on non formal education,
2. The group was vary etherogenous in terms of backgrounds and connection with “green”.
3.The half of the group could not communicate in english with the international trainers.
According to these analysis the Italian organizers decided that the explanation of what NFE is and the creation of a safe work environment where fundamental during the first 2 days.
The international trainers could get into the group step by step with the help of the organizers and the results were
very rewardable.
The study visit at Area Marina Protetta of Tavolara (Sea Protected Area), on the second day, gave us the feedback we wanted and the group had a great potential to explore and we should have focusmore on group works to follow their main interests: organizing local green project/entrepreneurship and explore the European project management field.

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MVNGO EYF 2014 “Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”

MVNGO EYF 2014 “Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”

PLACE AND DATE: Sassari, Italy April 11-15th, 2014 (Travel days included).

PARTICIPANTS: 20 participants (educators, social workers, youth leaders, teachers, public servants) from Sardinia.

LANGUAGE: The working languages were English and Italian.

The main aim of the TC was to develop knowledge and skills of youth leaders and educators; thus enabling them to train secondary school children on addressing Human Rights and Non Formal Education (NFE) Methods.

The hosting NGO, Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) promotes NFE as a tool to support formal education in the way of promoting the respect of the gender human rights.

The TC was designed to explore different tools and working methods in Schools, Companies, NGOs or Educational Centres specialized in working in this field; the project shared and promoted strategies to work as a system, to improve their capabilities and develop new skills.


– To discuss participants’ current experience on NFE and highlight the importance of gender rights education in school;

– To introduce “Gender Matters” and “Compass” and develop participants’ competences in adapting activities from these manuals;

– To examine the issue of gender-based violence within human rights education;

– Alert young educators to integrate gender education in their curriculum and help to select materials for the initial stage.

Main program elements:

The program covered: familiarization with COE manual “Gender Matters” and Compass; seminars, role plays and workshops on “The EU convention on Human Rights (HR)”; Cedaw introduction; Gender and social rights, domestic violence, Gender and Stereotypes; Exclusion based on gender; Gender and media; HR solidarity.

The importance of gender education and its influence on children attitude formation was discussed properly.

Trainers provided theoretical and practical excersices on how to provide NFE lessons for youth on gender based and human rights issues.

Plenary discussions had been opened on each topic, audio diaries reflecting gender based violence stories and video material screening had been performed. Participants received certificates after the completion of the TC.

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MVNGO EYF 2015 “My Rights”

MVNGO EYF 2015 “My Rights”



Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) implemented a 6-day Awareness raising activity “My rights” (27 April-2 May 2015)  in 3 cities – Sassari, Tempio, Uri and Tempio Pausania; all in Northern Sardinia, Italy. MVNGO Youth Team reached in in total 150 young people, aged 18-30.

The project was developed by Mine Vaganti NGO in partnership with:

–  Municipality of Sassari & University of Sassari

– Sportello Europa Uri

– Tempio Pausania Municipality

“My rights”  as a proficient result of developed networking during the “TC Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”, held in Sassari (Italy), funded by the EYF, where as a follow-up activity we planned that the most proper would be to work directly with youth from different cities, involving an equal number of males and females and taking into account their different needs as young people.

Achieving gender equality is central to the protection of human rights, the functioning of democracy, respect for the rule of law and economic growth and competitiveness.
The participants, who attended “TC Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”, shared its results within their organizations and communities, and later contributed for the good implementation and dissemination of the project results.

The partnership has been established in the interest of all organizations – we create an on-going partnership. Our common goal was to reach out to, sensitize and educate young people in Sardinia about their Human Rights and Gender Equality.

MVNGO Youth Team visited each institution for one day and will provide NFE sessions by Gender Matters and Compass; info-materials, quiz games, fact sheets and posters, videos, two open workshops and debates.

The project followed three steps: preparation, implementation and follow up, which provided environmentally sustainable development of attitudes in youth.


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MVNGO EYF 2012 “Inclusive Sport in Sardinia”

MVNGO EYF 2012 “Inclusive Sport in Sardinia”

The aim of this MVNGO’s TC was to develop knowledge and skills of youth leaders and educators about how they can use sport as a tool for inclusion.
The project dealt with the importance of the sport activities in the process of inclusion of disadvantaged people.

Objectives of the tc were:

– To know what are the participant’s experiences in relation with Sport

– To introduce Positive Sport Value and the concept of “adaptive games” developing participants’ competences in adapting sport activities in order to facilitate the process of inclusion of people with fewer opportunities ( e.g.
immigrants, disabled bodies, ecc.)

– To examine the issue of inclusion of all the people within human rights education;

– Alert young educators to integrate outdoor activities as an important method of inclusion and help to select materials for collect more information about this issue.

Main program elements:
The program started with the presentation of the Council of Europe and European youth Foundation (history, aim and objectives), an introduction of the Project and a presentation of  Mine Vaganti.

Discussions were facilitated on:
Defying the concept of inclusion and exclusion, defying sport and its values, sport and media(how they can spread positive messages), team building activities, best practices . We had the pleasure to invite a testimonial: Jeff Onorato ( international water ski championship) who showed how is possible using sport as a tool for inclusion and how he helped different kind of persons with fewer opportunities on re integrating them into the society.
We organized hearing of Gallura best practices associations telling their stories about different relationship between sport and inclusion.
Young leaders and educators have been involved in developing European projects.

Skilled trainers provided information on how we can use sport as a tool for inclusion breaking stereotypes.
The programme provided space for individual and group reflection. We encouraged exchanging of individual practices, teamwork, role playings and debates.
Participants have been awarded with the certificates after the completion of the training.
Project target group were youth educators, youth workers at associations or youth leaders aimed to become Ngo’s trainer using the non formal education method.

The participants had an active role during the tc, because they developed project idea and they were actively involved in every single step of the training.
The innovative nature of the sport was the new concept of sport for a social inclusion of different kind of minorities( usually in sport the disadvantage people are divided into category) but thanks to the adaptive games: immigrants, disable bodies, young prisoners could play together at the same level.
The 4 days training course have a positive effects among guys: they created new project about sport activities and new relationship were established among associations, participants and institutions (at local and European level), they started to cooperated with Mine Vaganti for the implementation of one of the above mentioned tools.

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