Open Society All Equal, All the Same!

“All Equal, all the Same!”

MVNGO will create a social campaign to promote social inclusion called “All equal, all the same!” product by a mixed group of young people (immigrants and locals).

The main aim of the campaign will be to promote the sense of solidarity enhancing the intercultural dialogue, promoting the mutual understanding and the sense of solidarity.

The project objective is the creation of a social campaign (web, poster, flyer, short movie) in which identity the main negative stereotypes and false rumors on immigrants and to raise the awareness on the difficulties to be an immigrants.

The short cut is based on two similar stories: Italian immigrants in the 60’s victim of racism and immigrants victims of racism nowadays (3 different versions according to the three largest immigrants communities).

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FP7-PIC Call Europe for All!

Europe for All!

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MVNGO was a partner organization in a FP7-PIC CALL, programme which has been now integrated in the new Horizon 2020 programme.

The overall aim of “Europe for All!” was to provide a training course on inclusive tourism targeted at tourism providers.

The main aspects stressed by the project were as follows:

main attention focused on the quality of the service offered;

empowering ìtourism offers for peop,e with disabilities;

facilitating European mobilities of disabled tourists.

The touristic offer was mostly based on a product conceived on the main idea that tourism has to be accessible to everyone.

This transnational activity was focused on supporting the empowerment of tourism services through a comparative research among the 5 countries of the consortium strengthening the relationship between Italy, Greece, Germany, Turkey and Uk.

The Consortium was born for promoting a mutual exchange of best practices and methodologies among countries in order to develop the sense of belonging to Europe and to facilitate transnational mobility of people with disabilities.

The touristic training highlighted the following characteristics :

–          High quality of the service;

–          Swot analysis

–          Main concept of inclusive tourism;

–          Communication;

–          Welcome set;

–          Marketing Campaign.

This project was aimed on producing a benefit for the community of resident creating employability and new job opportunities for local people aimed to provide an high standard of the tourism offer for disable bodies starting from the analysis of their needs.

As mentioned above the main aims of the project were triple:

– fostering the mobility through inclusive approach of tourism field;

– transfer new methodologies and competencies to tourism providers;

– promote new job opportunities.

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FP7- Forever Young!

Forever Young!

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MVNGO is partner in a FP7-PIC CALL (Facilitating transnational low season tourism exchanges in Europe encouraging Senior Citizens to travel), programme which now merged in the new Horizon 2020.

The project “Forever Young!” is aimed at building a learning network of partners active in the field of sustainable tourism in rural areas.

The main aim was to promote a transnational cooperation among the following countries Italy, Germany, Turkey, Uk and Greece in term of sharing information, best practice and knowledge on improving the quality of life in rural areas (create a new job opportunity through tourism). All the partners were engaged in offering an unique regional experience to the tourism offer as an added value promoting sustainable tourism and cultural heritage in these regions.

The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and the tourists themselves, generating a low impact on the environment and local culture as possible, while helping to generate future employment for local people.

Sustainable tourism is an adopted practice in successful ecotourism.

The main aim of the Consortium was create a joint initiative for promoting eco-tourism and all the opportunities linked to it (excursions, agritourism, bio-tourism and so on) through regional marketing actions.

All the partners will promote joint initiatives sharing experience through structured action: seminars, conferences, comparative guides (that are easily reproducible, comparable and could be disseminated in different countries).

All the joint actions were promoted through an unique platform through the web aiming at sensitizing tourists to an eco-oriented attitude enjoying the nature. All the partners will use the same label in all the promotional materials that states the sense of belonging to the network.

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Grundtvig Study Visit at CECIS NGO, Romania

Study Visit at CECIS NGO


The Study Visit took place in Targu Jiu (Romania), in the premises of the Romanian NGO CECIS, between May 9-15 2012.

The purpose of the Study Visit was to carry out an activity of  “job-shadowing” (observation) with an institution involved in the field of adult education (formal or non-formal).

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United Nations UNDEF Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow

The Island of Sardinia is fighting youth unemployment and youth depopulation caused by the lack of job opportunities. Nowadays, youngsters (especially those with higher qualifications) are moving abroad for seeking job provoking desolation and frustration specially in the peripheral areas.

The rest of the youth population is totally demotivated.
Young people are the key factor of the region’s success. Therefore Sardinia needs informed and active youth ready to take on civic responsibility thus ensuring strengthening of our young democracy and civil society in the future. It is therefore essential for the future of Sardinia society to focus on the education of its youth developing their participatory and leadership skills and instigating their activism.

The project Leaders of Tomorrow involved over 450 direct participants and was based on empowerment of youth leaders, teachers and local authority representatives seeking to promote civic activism and participation as core democratic values and tools of civil society.

The main long-term effect of the program was the significant increase in youth involvement in decision-making processes at local level.The multiplier effect was achieved by dissemination of promotional and advocacy materials and media outreach programs reaching over a million viewers.





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Youth in Action 1.1 CounTreeSide


MVNGO organised a Cultural Exchange granted by the “Youth in Action” Programme in April 2012.

The goal of “Countreeside” was for the participants to acquire some of the so-called Green Skills. Troughout a non formal education methodology we increased the awareness of the participants on the basis that only by knowing Nature can an inborn characteristic in human beings be stimulated: their eco-friendly side/attitude.

Environmental education is crucial for the constitution of a society that is sustainable only if supported by the formation of an active citizenship and the promotion of a critical and propositive attitude in European citizens.

The CE wanted to demonstrate eco-orientated behavior and foster the development of ecological values that interact directly with the human society, as they are innovative drivers that allow the development of these dynamics that can also create more opportunities in the working area.

More specifically, we organized workshops on complex themes as the one about Green Energies, but also recreative games in complete harmony with the environment.

We organized excursions in the nearby area of Sant’Antonio di Gallura, Telti and Tavolara Island (some of the scheduled activities were changed and adapted because one of the participants got hurt) diplaying our typical ecosystems, we learned how to grow and maintain a vegetable garden, we discussed about the relation between human being and the nature  ( visitng Lake Liscia dike) and had moments in wich we learned old man-nature rites in rural habitations called Stazzi, typical for the region of Gallura. Also we saw the production cycle of milk ‘from the cow to the glass’, the production of bread and others biological food following ancient recipes.

The activities above were hold in an almost uncontaminated naturalistic context, the Gallurish country side, where life is still marked by the cycle of Nature (alternation of the seasons and production for own consumation).

The core of the project was the creation of Teams composed of participants that were aimed to provide the best solutions for the ecosystem of the Gallurish territory but that are valid anywhere (Glocal model).

The CE also wanted to offer concrete moments of growth: new forms of artistic expression with recycled materials and a contest called “The Greenest Dish”, a gastronomical competition with dishes created with ingredients provided by Nature during the CE.



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Erasmus+ Key 3

Mine Vaganti NGO is working on a project proposal concerning an initiative of the Structured Dialogue between Youth Leaders and Policymakers which aim to reform youth policy to be presented on October 2017
The proposed structured dialogue is to involve local governments and technicians of the municipalities of Cento, L’Aquila and Olbia, members of the Civil Defence Local, National and young people (minimum 60 direct, indirect expected at least 200 on 3 municipalities) belonging to the municipalities involved and actively participate at the local level, for the development social and cultural development of its territory.

The focus of the three national meetings to be undertaken, will be the youth participation, involving young people not only as promoters of cultural activities at the local, but also as an integral element of complexity in situations such as those emergency post events calamitous.

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MVNGO EYF 2013 “Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia”

MVNGO EYF 2013 “Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia”

“Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia” was a Training Course held in Olbia and its nearby rural countryside in July 2013.
MVNGO promotes environmental protection and green skills as new job opportunities for young European citizens through Youth European Europe (YEE) network.
The TC wanted to discuss about the promotion of active participation aimed to promote zero impact entrepreneurship.
The main topics of discussion were energy efficiency, renewable energies, recycling as a method for reducing the impactof nocive emission and in full respect of nature.
Furthermore, the TC was focused on the promotion of the so called green skills as a tool for promoting youth entrepreneurship in Sardinia.
The TC was designed to explore different tools and working methods in Environmental Companies, NGOs or Educational Centres specialized to work in this field, the project had the ambition to share and promote green strategies to work as a system, to improve their capabilities and develop new skills.
As in every project, organizers had to adapt the expectations and the activities to the potential of the group.
Consideration about the participants:
1. In the final list of participants only 4 people of the 18 participants had experience on non formal education,
2. The group was vary etherogenous in terms of backgrounds and connection with “green”.
3.The half of the group could not communicate in english with the international trainers.
According to these analysis the Italian organizers decided that the explanation of what NFE is and the creation of a safe work environment where fundamental during the first 2 days.
The international trainers could get into the group step by step with the help of the organizers and the results were
very rewardable.
The study visit at Area Marina Protetta of Tavolara (Sea Protected Area), on the second day, gave us the feedback we wanted and the group had a great potential to explore and we should have focusmore on group works to follow their main interests: organizing local green project/entrepreneurship and explore the European project management field.

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MVNGO EYF 2014 “Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”

MVNGO EYF 2014 “Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”

PLACE AND DATE: Sassari, Italy April 11-15th, 2014 (Travel days included).

PARTICIPANTS: 20 participants (educators, social workers, youth leaders, teachers, public servants) from Sardinia.

LANGUAGE: The working languages were English and Italian.

The main aim of the TC was to develop knowledge and skills of youth leaders and educators; thus enabling them to train secondary school children on addressing Human Rights and Non Formal Education (NFE) Methods.

The hosting NGO, Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) promotes NFE as a tool to support formal education in the way of promoting the respect of the gender human rights.

The TC was designed to explore different tools and working methods in Schools, Companies, NGOs or Educational Centres specialized in working in this field; the project shared and promoted strategies to work as a system, to improve their capabilities and develop new skills.


– To discuss participants’ current experience on NFE and highlight the importance of gender rights education in school;

– To introduce “Gender Matters” and “Compass” and develop participants’ competences in adapting activities from these manuals;

– To examine the issue of gender-based violence within human rights education;

– Alert young educators to integrate gender education in their curriculum and help to select materials for the initial stage.

Main program elements:

The program covered: familiarization with COE manual “Gender Matters” and Compass; seminars, role plays and workshops on “The EU convention on Human Rights (HR)”; Cedaw introduction; Gender and social rights, domestic violence, Gender and Stereotypes; Exclusion based on gender; Gender and media; HR solidarity.

The importance of gender education and its influence on children attitude formation was discussed properly.

Trainers provided theoretical and practical excersices on how to provide NFE lessons for youth on gender based and human rights issues.

Plenary discussions had been opened on each topic, audio diaries reflecting gender based violence stories and video material screening had been performed. Participants received certificates after the completion of the TC.

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MVNGO EYF 2015 “My Rights”

MVNGO EYF 2015 “My Rights”



Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) implemented a 6-day Awareness raising activity “My rights” (27 April-2 May 2015)  in 3 cities – Sassari, Tempio, Uri and Tempio Pausania; all in Northern Sardinia, Italy. MVNGO Youth Team reached in in total 150 young people, aged 18-30.

The project was developed by Mine Vaganti NGO in partnership with:

–  Municipality of Sassari & University of Sassari

– Sportello Europa Uri

– Tempio Pausania Municipality

“My rights”  as a proficient result of developed networking during the “TC Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”, held in Sassari (Italy), funded by the EYF, where as a follow-up activity we planned that the most proper would be to work directly with youth from different cities, involving an equal number of males and females and taking into account their different needs as young people.

Achieving gender equality is central to the protection of human rights, the functioning of democracy, respect for the rule of law and economic growth and competitiveness.
The participants, who attended “TC Gender Human Rights in Sardinia”, shared its results within their organizations and communities, and later contributed for the good implementation and dissemination of the project results.

The partnership has been established in the interest of all organizations – we create an on-going partnership. Our common goal was to reach out to, sensitize and educate young people in Sardinia about their Human Rights and Gender Equality.

MVNGO Youth Team visited each institution for one day and will provide NFE sessions by Gender Matters and Compass; info-materials, quiz games, fact sheets and posters, videos, two open workshops and debates.

The project followed three steps: preparation, implementation and follow up, which provided environmentally sustainable development of attitudes in youth.


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