MVNGO EYF 2013 “Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia”

“Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia” was a Training Course held in Olbia and its nearby rural countryside in July 2013.
MVNGO promotes environmental protection and green skills as new job opportunities for young European citizens through Youth European Europe (YEE) network.
The TC wanted to discuss about the promotion of active participation aimed to promote zero impact entrepreneurship.
The main topics of discussion were energy efficiency, renewable energies, recycling as a method for reducing the impactof nocive emission and in full respect of nature.
Furthermore, the TC was focused on the promotion of the so called green skills as a tool for promoting youth entrepreneurship in Sardinia.
The TC was designed to explore different tools and working methods in Environmental Companies, NGOs or Educational Centres specialized to work in this field, the project had the ambition to share and promote green strategies to work as a system, to improve their capabilities and develop new skills.
As in every project, organizers had to adapt the expectations and the activities to the potential of the group.
Consideration about the participants:
1. In the final list of participants only 4 people of the 18 participants had experience on non formal education,
2. The group was vary etherogenous in terms of backgrounds and connection with “green”.
3.The half of the group could not communicate in english with the international trainers.
According to these analysis the Italian organizers decided that the explanation of what NFE is and the creation of a safe work environment where fundamental during the first 2 days.
The international trainers could get into the group step by step with the help of the organizers and the results were
very rewardable.
The study visit at Area Marina Protetta of Tavolara (Sea Protected Area), on the second day, gave us the feedback we wanted and the group had a great potential to explore and we should have focusmore on group works to follow their main interests: organizing local green project/entrepreneurship and explore the European project management field.