In 2009 we participated as Informal Group to many projects around Europe (Estonia, France, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden…)

 From 2010

  1. 20-27 May 2010, Turkey, Izmit Koaceli, “Not Bad” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Özel Başakşehir Ensar Koleji, Topic: diabetes
  2. 23-30 July 2010, Romania Targu Jiu, “Festival Internazionale Summer with Student Flavour” (YIA 1.1) Host Organisation: “University of Costantin Brancusi”,  Topic: renewable energies.
  3. 6-12 January 2011, Greece, Thessaloniki, “The Violet Project” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Aenao, Topic: No violence.
  4. 4-12 July 2011, Romania, Targu Jiu, “Living Different” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Cecis Romania, Topic: minorities.
  5. 9-15 July 2011, Turkey, Amasya, “Youth Selections” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Young Approach Association, Topic: active citizenship.
  6. 24 -31 July 2011, Turkey, Antalya “Don’t leave me Alone” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: European Youth Bank Association Topic: animal rights
  7. 3-10 August 2011, Russia, Karelia Republic, “ The III International Youth Forum Hyperborea” Host Organisation: Hyperborea Topic: ecology.
  8. 10-17 September 2011, Macedonia, Berovo,  “Partnership building activity: partnership for healthy lifestyle” (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: Young Mountainers, Topic: Health.
  9. 19-26 September 2011, Turkey, Düzce, “MiniaEuropa” (3.1. YiA) Host Organisation: DEM, Topic: cultural identity.
  10. 21-30 September 2011, Spain, Granada, “Paint for Future” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Fundacion Escuela de Solidariedad Topic: graffiti art and volunteerism.
  11. 27-30 September: Germany, Dessau, “Regional Youth Conference –Europa geht weiter” (Tc) Host Organisation: Go Europe!, Topic: European youth condition.
  12. 23 September – 2 October  2011, Spain, Valencia,  “Opening Horizons: come, act and change!” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Asociación Agora Cultural, Topic: volunteerism.
  13. 1-7 October 2011, Turkey, Afyon, “Youth Aspect for Environmental Energy” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Young Approach Association, Topic: renewable energies.
  14. 2-8 October 2011 Spain, Galizia, “English Camp” (YiA 1.2) Host Organisation: Asociación Xuvenil Sitio Distinto, Topic: English culture and language.
  15. 6-14 October 2011, Turkey, Akhisar/Manisa, “Colorful Notes” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Young Approach Association, Topic: music.
  16. 9-16 October 2011, Hungary, Budapest, Youth´s Study Session: Towards “All inclusive Sports-for-all – Youth opening doors to all abilities” Host Organisation: Engso, Topic: sport as a tool for inclusion.
  17. 16-23 October 2011, Montenegro, Budva, “How to build functional networks and coalitions on youth issues” (Tc) Host Organisation:  Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid, Topic: leadership
  18. 12-19 November 2011 , Poland, Krakow, Continue the Story-volunteerng, improvement and multicultural cooperation in NGos” (4.3) Host Organisation: Aegee-Krakow, Topic: European project management.
  19. 22-30 November 2011, Turkey, Karadeniz/Eregli, “Does anybody hear us?” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: DEM Topic: animal rights.
  20. 2-11 March 2012, Turkey, Ankara, “ACAD Project” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Ankara Municipality Topic: Social Discrimination
  21. 4-11 March 2012, France, Strasbourg “European Environmental Law and Youth Participation” (Study session) Topic: Environment
  22. 16-21 March 2012, Turkey, Ankara “EVS Corner” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Ang Turkey Topic: SVE Networking
  23. 18-25 March 2012, Malta, Saint Julian’s “Passepartout – A Training Course about Youth Pass and its Competences” Host Organisation: Tdm 2000 Malta Topic: Youth Unemployement
  24. 25-31 March 2012, Poland, Nasutow “Students on the labour market”(YiA 5.1 Seminario Transnazionale) Host Organisation: Nowy Staw Foundation Topic: Youth Unemployement
  25. 25-31 March 2012, Armenia, Yeravan “Youth work reality in Armenia” (Study Visit organized by Youth and Sport Ministery in Armenia and by  Eastern Salto Center)  Topic: NGO networking
  26. 31 March- 7 April 2012, Romania, Sfântu Gheorghe “VIC Volunteers in Cultures” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Asociatia Tinerilor din Targu Secuiesc Topic:Volunteerism(SVE)
  27. 7-13 April 2012, Georgia, Tblisi “Walking through peace and diversity” (4.3) Host Organisation: Alliance For Society Advancement Asa Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
  28. 28 April-5 May 2012 Turkey, Kermer “Minimum Energy, Maximum Power”(YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: European Youth Bank Association Topic: Renewable energies
  29. 7-15 May 2012 Romania, Targu Jiu “ Yes – Youth Environment Strategy” (Grundtvig) Host Organisation: Cecis Topic: Environment
  30. 24 May-2 April 2012 Spain, Oviedo “Opportunities in the Countryside” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Ambie International Topic: Youth entrepreneurship in rural areas
  31. 20-27 May 2012 Macedonia, Kruscevo “Follow the green steps” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Young Mountanaires Topic: Ecology
  32. 27 May-2 June 2012 Turkey, Fethiye “Youth Action Ways to Prevent Immigration ” (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: Young Approach Association Topic: Immigration
  33. 18-23 June 2012 France, Base de Béllicin, Jura, France-Comté “Youth Infomation in Europe” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Information Jeunesse Topic: International cooperation between information centers
  34. 22-June-1 July 2012 Irland, Dublin “Participation” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Saint Andrews family Resource Centre Topic: Cultural Diversity and intercultural dialogue
  35. 9-16 Jul 2012, France, Bordeaux “The citizens sport: between dream and reality” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Aux Couleurs du Deba Topic: Sport
  36. 11-18 August 2012 France, Bordeaux “Voluntary help and European youth” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Aux Couleurs du Deba Topic: Volunteerism
  37. 26-29 August 2012 Czech Republic, Eco Center “Paleta” Oucmanice “ Annual Meeting of Youth Environment and Europe” Host Organisation: YEE
  38. 18-26 August 2012, Armenia, Dilidjan “Tc for facilitators: Let us experience”(YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Loesje Armenia Topic: How to be a good Trainer
  39. 22 August- 2 September 2012 Estonia, Valga County “ Active Caring!” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Valgaama Seiklejad Topic: Animal Rights
  40. 28 August-4 September 2012 Belarus, Minsk “Play for culture” (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: Belarusian Youth Organization Student Initiative Topic: Sport
  41. 3-9 September 2012 Norway, Drammen “ The Future of the Europe” (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: Intermezzo Ungdom Topic: intercultural Dialogue
  42. 8-16 September 2012 Poland,Warsaw “Sport Power” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Aegee Topic: Sport
  43. 1-8 October 2012 Moldova Cosnita, Chisinau “Entrepreneurship approaches for social benefit” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Youth Generation Organization Topic: Social Entrepreneurship
  44. 04-14 October 2012 Greece, Thessaloniki “Balkan Herat 2: Colored version” (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) Topic: LGBT Rights
  45. 05-12 October 2012 Czech Republic, Ecocentrum Renata, Běla u Jevička “Be a leader in an environmental organisation” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: YEE (Youth Environment Europe) Topic: Ecology
  46. 6-13 October 2012 Georgia, Kobuleti “You have more rights than staying in silent” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Droni Topic: Project management
  47. 7-15 October 2012 Greece, Lakonia “Meditality: The Mediterranean Hospitality” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Kean Topic: Mediterranean Culture
  48. 19-28 October 2012 Bosnia Erzegovina, Mostar “Cap it all off! Diversity beyond trapped barriers-The second edition” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: BiH Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
  49. 20-27 October 2012 Bulgaria, Pleven “Youth Employment and youth entrepreneurship-mission possible!” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: European Youth Initiative Topic: Youth Entrepreneurship
  50. 25-31 October 2012 Hungary, Debrecen “ Our Place” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Uton on the Way Topic: Networking
  51. 19-26 November 2012 Turkey, Diyarbakır “Let’s activate the urban youth!” (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: Dicle University Topic: Active citizenship
  52. 23-30 November 2012 Romania, Cluj-Napoca “Youth Creativity: Inside Out” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Organisation from Hungarian Students from Santu Mare Topic: European Project Managements
  53. 23 November – 2 December 2012 Estonia, Kuressaare “Human Rights Responsability to Care” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Seiklejate Vennaskond Topic: Human Rights
  54. 16-23 December 2012 Cina, Hong Kong “Global Dialogue” (YiA 3.2) Host Organisation: ISCA Topic: Sport and Intercultural Dialogue
  55. 3-10 March 2013 Romania, Santu Mare “LSD: Learning-Service-Dynamic” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Organisation from Hungarian Students from Santu Mare Topic: Volunteerism
  56. 8-16 March 2013 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ključ “Jump at the opportunity! Empowering youth through participation and volunteering” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Mreza Topic: Volunteerism
  57. 15-22 April 2013 Moldova, Cosnita “Bunica Beat’s the Drum” (YiA Study Visit) Host Organisation: Youth Generation Topic: Development of Rural Areas
  58. 26 April – 3 May 2013 Cyprus, Lanarka “Play for culture” (YiA 3.1)  Host organisation: N/A Topic: Intercultural dialogue and Sport
  59. 27 April-6 May 2013 Serbia, Subotica “Do Entreprise” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Spot Topic: Youth Entrepreneurship
  60. 20-29 May 2013 Hungary Balaton Lake (Balatoni Tábor, Káptalanfüred), “Inventors and Inventions” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Uton on The way Topic: Creativity
  61. 25 May-2 June 2013 Slovenia Coast, “Feel Slovenia” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Drustvo Slovenia Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
  62. 10-19 June 2013 Hungary, Debrecen “What about us?” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Uton on The Way Topic: European youth condition
  63. 20-28 June 2013 Armenia, Gyumri “Bridge among cultures” (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: Youth Initiative Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
  64. 25 June-1 July 2013 Poland, Dlugopole Zdroj “European Partnership – an active citizenship” (YiA 4.6) Host Organisation: Europejskie Forum Młodzieży Topic: Management International TC
  65. 9-16 July 2013 France Bordeaux ,“Handicap or not, let us share our passion of the together”(YiA 5.1) Host Organisation: Aux Couleurs du Deba Topic: Sport as a tool for inclusion
  66. 13-19 July 2013 Czech Republic, Svycarna, Josefov, Adamov “Youth participation for environment “(YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Youth Environment Topic: Active citizenship in the frame of environmental project
  67. 14-21 July 2013, Turkey, Karaman “My hands are the hands” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Group of Young Painters Topic: Volunteerism
  68. 17-26 July 2013 Turkey, Tokat “Living Legends: Block Printing and Turkish Paper Marbling” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Youth Projects Volunteers Topic: Art
  69. 18-23 July 2013 Poland, Krakow “East-West: on intercultural dialogue” PBA (YiA 4.3), Host Organisation: Eastern Initiative Institute Topic: Eastern and East Intercultural Dialogue
  70. 22 July – 03 August 2013 Estonia, Raplamaa “Art: Tool for Environmental Awareness!”(YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Seiklejate Vennaskond Topic: Art as a tool of environmental awarness
  71. 3-10 August 2013 Romania, Sfantu Gheorghe, Voluntarism for You(th)!” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Harit Topic: Volunteerism
  72. 21 August – 2 September 2013 Estonia, Marija Talu,”Life in Action” (YiA 1.1), Host Organisation: Seiklejate Vennaskond Topic: Sport and Healtly lifestyle
  73. 27 August-4 September 2013  Azerbaijan, Massalii “Together for a better living” (YIA 4.3) ) Host Organisation: ADSAYO Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
  74. 29 August- 2 September 2013 Finland, Mikkeli  “Cultural Connections” (YIA 4.3)  Host Organisation: Helsinki Youth Center Topic: Culture
  75. 30 August- 4 September 2013 Uk Birmingham,  “Improving the Learning Dimension of Youth Exchanges” (YiA 4.3), Host Organisation: Birmingham University, Topic: Education and training
  76. 9-18 September 2013 Macedonia, Struga, “Brain Opener” (YiA 4.3) Organisation: Association for youth activism KVANTUM Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
  77. 12- 24 September 2013  Estonia, Tartu,“(Safe) Sex, (No) Drugs and Rock n’ roll” Training Course(YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Seiklejate Vennaskond Topic: Responbily Entertainment
  78. 13-22 September 2013 France, Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) “Youth for Rural Employement” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Youth Environmentalist Topic: Youth Entrepreneurship
  79. 16- 23 September 2013 Moldova Cosnita, Project: “Step by Step” Training Course (YiA 4.3), Host Organisation: Daruind vei Dobind Topic: European Awareness and rural development
  80. 19- 22 September 2013 Armenia Tsakhkadzor,”‘Peers to Peers’’ (YiA 3.1) Host Organisation: YIC Topic Active Citizenship
  81. 6-12 October 2013, Svaneti Mountain “World Citizen in a Complex Word” (YiA 4.3) Host Organisation: Alliance For Society Advancement (ASA) Topic: Intercultural Dialogue
  82. 21-29 October Bulgaria Melnik,”Ideas and work for a better future” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Professional Forum for Education Topic: Active Citizenship
  83. 1-9 November 2013,  Romania, Horezu, “Papers Handicrafts Business-Winter Edition” (YiA 1.1) Host Organisation: Initiative Sociale Topic: active citizenship