MVNGO Youth Division


MVNGO Youth Division is in charge of organising, implementing and reporting Erasmus+ K1 Youth and EYF projects, Youth Exchanges and Training Courses with Non Formal Education Methodology.

Usually these projects are implemented in our “Sportello Europa” in Uri.

Some of our members are accredited trainer of non-formal education at European level.

Here is the profile of some of our members on the European database Salto (on the website you need to be registered).

  1. Roberto Solinas
  2. Maria Grazia Pirina
  3. Samanta Sedda
  4. Faizan Khalid
  5. Claudia Baltolu
  6. Jure Sterman
  7. Mattia Cordioli
  8. Alberto Deiana
  9. Lavinia Eretta
  10. Giovanni Nurra
  11. Shirin Amin
  12. Antonio Saccone
  13. Katherine Armstrong
  14. Carlo Massei