Green Power

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Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO) was glad to propose a Multiactivity in the frame of the Erasmus+ Key Action 1, “Green Power”.

Activity n.1: Training Course, “Green Power”, Tempio Pausania (Italy), 17-26 June 2015 (travel days inc.)
Target Group: youth workers, social workers plus a youth member of their organisation willing to act as multipliers in their territory.

Activity n. 2: Youth Exchange, “Let’s live sustainable”, Uri (Italy),1-8 April (travel days inc.);
Target Group: youths interested in play an active role at local level in the environment field.

Partners: Programme and neighbouring partner countries of Erasmus+ Programme within the YEE (Youth Environment Europe) network.

Participants will come from 9 eligible countries: Austria, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Italy (2).
Usually youth in the rural areas suffer from a sense of isolation and frustration which very often causes brain drain and depopulation phenomena in their countries.