The Leonardo da Vinci Learn and Back 2

The Leonardo da Vinci Learn and Back 2

The LDV-PLM  project “Learn and Back 2” wants to carry on with the same aim as the project we started in 2012 .

Learn and Back arose from an analysis of the needs for vocational training in Sardinia regarding the third sector, after the excellent feedback in terms of interest revealed by the publication of the first call (more than 200 applications for 30 vacant internship positions), we decided to enrich the proposal and the opportunities of the first version.

The applicant, Municipality of Olbia, once again through Mine Vaganti NGO, promoted a project with 3 Sardinian municipalities, the University of Sassari and some of the most important NGOs/companies/organizations working in the humanistic and touristic field in  Northern Sardinia.

We offered 47 scholarships / internships of 12 weeks in Ireland, France, Malta, Slovenia, Spain, Greece and Portugal, preferably for graduated people who were looking for a job, aged between 18 and 35 years (6 internships  were reserved for people with disability and available in Spain or Malta).

We kept the entire offer related to internship in NGOs (even for this year the priority will be given to the need of working with disabled bodies), social enterprises and in the European project management sector, significantly raising the quality of foreign partnerships.

We identified a lack of competences in the field of tourism in Sardinia still concerning its “social” part.

Sardinia has always been synonymous of tourism and MVNGO, as designer of the project, wanted to give the opportunity for youngsters to acquire new skills on a not know purview as the ST in Sardinia could able us to “resell” the third sector in a new way.

Social Tourist promotes meetings and the socializing moments.

It consists in setting touristic activities capable of responding to a widespread need for relatedness; nevertheless it is not only directed to specific social categories of people with fewer opportunities.

Social Tourism means also responding to the need for socializing: it is a way of life, It is a valuable choice by institutions. Including Social Tourism in the holidays can bring the development of social ties, create opportunities for cultural enrichment and promotion and the exploitation of local resources.

To grow capable and professional people, remained the objective of the “Learn and Back 2”.

The Social Tourism is often considered a second-class tourism, concentrated in the low season and intended to disadvantaged locations and depressed areas.

The numbers of the flows of this type of tourism show, on the other hand, as it could represent, for those who work in the tourist, a valuable opportunity for the development and economic return.

To these objective characteristics we must add technical expertise and capacity that can be developed; those skills could able placing participants on the specific market.

It is also important to have  volunteer/ internship experiences abroad and the knowledge of more than one languages (essential for those who would like to work in the tourism sector).

“Learn and Back 2” was therefore an excellent opportunity to acquire or develop these skills and be able to offer themselves to the labour market, principally that of the third sector (NGOs and social field) and the social tourism as a trained and competent professional, introducing innovation in the classical conception of tourism know-how.