MV International


MV International (MVI) is a network of 21 European NGOs aimed at promoting participatory planning between NGO promoting the exchange of knowledge among professionals in the field of European design.


The European Non Governmental Organization (ENGO) MV International (MVI) is a non profit “association of associations”  that intends to carry out social involvement  and community building activities for its members and stake holding (third) parties  encouraging participation, freedom and dignity of its members.
It excludes any religious, political, trade union, professional or category interest, as well as protective and/or economic interest of its members.

Mine Vaganti NGO, Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia and Cecis are the co-founding organizations of the ENGO. The ENGO promotes: the recognition of Non Formal Education, Intercultural Dialogue, Social inclusion through Sport Values, Environmental protection and Green Skills as new job opportunities for young European citizens.
In line with these values and objectives, thanks to its role as advisor for public and private bodies – well served by identifications of / and participations in European programmes, as through execution of EU projects for these bodies –  the co-founder established a serious network and Youth platform of partner NGOs around Europe.

Nowadays the ENGO counts on the full commitment of 21 NGOs: Italy (Mine Vaganti NGO), Spain (Intercambia), Greece (USB), Slovenia (CEZAM), Romania (Cecis), Portugal (Intercultural Mobility Friends), Denmark (Det Nødvendige Seminarium), Bulgaria (Champion Factory), Poland (Instytutu Dziedzictwa Kruszwicy), Austria (Gain & Sustain), The Nedherlands (EDOS), Croatia (Udruga Prevenja), Malta (Training to Malta), Norway (Intermezzo Ungdom) Armenia (Meliora), Georgia (ASA), Azerbaijan (ADDIM), France (ACRF), Bosnia (Red Cross Sarajevo), Slovakia (ProMoveo).

The last 4 years of fruitful cooperation’s with local authorities, education institutes, local communities and other stakeholders have brought about the implementation of many projects and various grants from European programmes.
Advisory roles and project activities, have led to a solid group of constituent associations of the ENGO and dynamic individual members  that today shape the association’s status, expanding network and ongoing activities.

MV International was recently accredited by European Youth Foundation and Council of Europe to applying for international activities and structural grants.

Vision and mission
In brief MVI main goals are: individual development of each member, acquiring new skills and abilities, promote social inclusion using Sport, nature and art; create link with European NGOs; develop youth movement all over Europe and increase knowledge using non formal education.

The association concept of value is rooted in the legacy we wish to leave our Youth and the future generations.
Taking notice of actual global issues and geopolitical developments, a great deal can and should be done to access, share and protect natural beauty of our planet and wellbeing its inhabitants, an ‘Utopistic’ aim of the association, that provides its members with a long term (infinite) mandate.
Youth therefore is at the association’s center of attention, addressing awareness, a dialogue on global values and local opportunities its main activity, showcasing innovative good governance, supporting community and individuals’ potential as well as fostering involvement and a voice to all – at any level.

MV International therefore is a Pan European association of associations to make impact and provide executive capacities.

Admission as a member Association of the ENGO, is based on a written request and approval of the Executive Board of the association. Application request contains a declaration of acceptance of the MVI statutes; its purpose and commitment to participation and shall be accompanied  by a introduction of at least two members.

Admission is in any case subject to the approval of the Executive Council of the ENGO and it is valid once the approval is granted and (annual) payment of dues. Resignations are submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Executive Board before the date of November 30 of the following year.

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Members can propose to their associates to have a transversal function: group leaders, organizational role during the events, delegates role in conferences or forums all over Europe, project managers and all of them have the opportunity to take part and contribute to all of the activities.