Growing Social in Stoytelling

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Mine Vaganti NGO is an organization of European/international scope active in North Sardinia, whose aims include promotion of intercultural dialogue at the local community level and educational support to disadvantaged targets.
MVNGO has a tested experience in professional use of Non Formal Education (NFE) methods, successfully employed during in the last 2 years through a set of NFE workshops focused on intercultural and interfaith dialogue involving young students (High School) and migrants hosted in relief shelters the main cities of North Sardinia.
Amid successful implementation, MVNGO developed an internal reflection/analysis over prospected diffusion/dissemination strategies, letting emerge a shared assessment underlining the organizational lack of knowledge in innovative communication strategies.
Storytelling and Digital Storytelling were identified as key European best practices to be integrated in the capacities and methodological backpack of the applicant in order to adapt it to an ever-changing scenario and develop its operations in an European perspective.
Digital storytelling is the most recent extension of storytelling towards digital, audio-visual media, fostering an impacting use of the possibilities granted by today’s digital world and enabling communication across language and cultural barriers.
Digital Storytelling is a fast-evolving instrument in the realm of devising impacting tools and strategies of Communication/Disseminationn
Storytelling is also a powerful tool in entrepreneurial education and business development, which acquire a specific importance for both the inner development of the organization in an entrepreneurial perspective and its activities of educational empowerment with disadvantaged adult targets (migrants, NEETs etc.).
An internal analysis in our organization, coupled with a pondered reflection over the envisaged strategic patterns of internationalization of MVNGO’s brand and activities in an European perspective persuaded us about the need of acquiring the following competences:
1) Digital Storytelling as an instrument of branding and communication, with a focus on :
– Creating a digital story
– Collecting materials to create a digital story
– Employing narrative methods of Digital Storytelling (above all Hero’s Journey)
– Creating impacting Photo Stories
2) Storytelling as an instrument of business development and entrepreneurial empowerment, with a focus on:
– Writing business plans and structuring business ideas and projects.
– Developing leadership and team building, fostering communication, presentation and empathic skills in the field of business through building a team, developing a common mission and narrative.
– Marketing and branding, allowing the establishment of a company/product identity through developing and communicating connected “backstories”.
– Collecting and pitching new ideas and products, enabling actual/potential entrepreneurs to structure ideas and feel empowered to share thoughts, embrace out of the box thinking and transferring these attitudes to a work-team.
– Managing Human Resources, strengthening empathy, addressing and moderating conflict situations.
Storytelling training is presently not existent in the Sardinian context, as is the use of Storyelling as a tool for promoting entrepreneurial education and social inclusion.
The specific pattern for development of our internal staff through mobility entails the following:
1- 5 bloggers taking part in a Training Course organized by the German organization CRN with a view to acquiring competences in the use of Digital Storytelling as an innovative instrument to create architectures and campaigns of online communication.
2- 4 Trainers taking part in a Training Course of the organization Dorea, based in Cypus, in order to acquire competences in Storytelling as a business and entrepreneurial empowerment instrument.
3- 6 Staff members taking part in a Job Shadowing in the premises of CRN.
Project Aims:
– Increasing organizational knowledge and methodological backpack in Digital Storytelling as an instrument of Communication and Dissemination.
– Increasing MVNGO’s operational and strategic capacities as a socially oriented business through the acquisition of Storytelling entrepreneurial development techniques.
– Acquiring knowledge and methodologies about the use of Storytelling as an instrument of entrepreneurial education, to be employed at the local level with ultimate Adult targets (NEETs, migrants etc.).
– Promoting the personal and professional development of internal staff resources.
– Establishing a network of experts working with Storytelling and Digital Storytelling as tools of education (Storytelling) and innovative communication/dissemination (Digital Storytelling).
Facilitating the integration of risk groups in society; promoting intercultural dialogue.
– Establish long-term Erasmus Plus partnerships with key European organizations in Storytelling/Digital Storytelling.