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“Mine Vaganti NGO” (MVNGO) is a no-profit organisation born in Sardinia in 2009.

“Mine Vaganti” means something dynamic.

For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern concept of NGO.

MVNGO has 4 offices in Sassari, Uri, Olbia and Tempio Pausania covering all the North of Sardinia with other branches in the rest of Italy.

MVNGO runs a Youth Center in Sassari, the “Centro Santa Caterina”.

MVNGO is an educational training provider at local and european level. MVNGO has a consultant rolef or public and private bodies in order to promote and develop european and trans-continental projects.

MVNGO works on Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, EuropeAid, EaSi, Life+, IEE, the United Nations programmes (UNDEF) and with foundations such as EYF, Anna Lindh and Open Society.

MVNGO is accredited as EVS Hosting, Sending and Coordinating organisation, EVS CODE 2015-1-IT03-KA110-005863.

From the very beginning the aim of the MVNGO was to promote EU “Youth in Action” Programme in Italy (in particular in Sardinia) in order to encourage european mobility among youngsters.

In the 2007/2013 programme period, MVNGO was also very active in Lifelong Learning Programme (Grundtvig, Leonardo and Comenius) now merged with YIA in the new Erasmus+, and in the CIP actions now merged in the new Horizon2020.

MVNGO implemented more than 50 projects granted by European programmes.

MVNGO promotes:

  • Intercultural Dialogue
  • Social inclusion through Sport Values (in particular we are very careful about people with disability)
  • Environmental protection and Green Skills as new job opportunities for young european citizens.

MVNGO belongs to 3 International Networks:

1. YEE

MVNGO is one of the members of  Youth and Environment Europe (YEE). Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is a platform of many European youth organisations that study nature or are active in environmental protection. These member organisations come together from 28 countries. The aim of YEE is to encourage youth to be involved in environmental protection and to provide a platform where these organisations can work together.
In the frame of YEE Network, MVNGO promotes and creates several green youth projects  (sunny campaign, study session at  European Council, training course, youth exchange, EVS and local activities).

For any further information, please visit the following website: www.yeenet.eu.


We are also part of ISCA, the International Sports and Culture Associations network.

3. MV International

In 2012, MVNGO founded MV International, our ENGO with 18 branches in 18 European countries; the network works on the recognition of Non Formal Education at European level.

MVNGO is an official Hosting Organisation in the Erasmus+ Internship, EVS, Erasmus Placement, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and Anna Lindh Programme “Dwark”.

MVNGO is self-financed and committed to promote a multicultural and multiracial european society and an active citizenship in social problems like racism, discrimination, unemployment and so on.

We promote the art and all other cultural enrichments and we are active in valorize our area (North-East of Sardinia, called Gallura) where we promote a lot of initiatives and cooperate with many other associations and public institutions as municipalities.

Summing up, our main goals are:

  • Individual development of each member;
  • Acquiring new skills and abilities;
  • Promote social inclusion using Sport, Nature and Art;
  • Create link with European Youth Associations;
  • Develop youth movement all over Europe;
  • Increase knowledge using non formal education.


  • The individual formation of an european civic conscience among youngsters in full respect of cultural identity, race and gender, promoting interaction and cooperation between countries.


  • European Union awareness;
  • Pro-active attitude towards youth people’s problems in the local community in their new reality as young European citizens;
  • Active involvement in social and professional young people’s integration;
  • Promotion of young mobility and youth exchanges;
  • Promotion of environment protection and volunteer as a life style;
  • Pro-active attitude towards youth people’s problems in the local community in their new reality as young European citizens;
  • Development of civic attitude to fight against all kind of discrimination;
  • Active involvement in social and professional young people’s integration.

General objectives:

  • Promote young mobility, intercultural exchange, volunteer and social cooperation among youngsters;
  • Stimulate the exchange of ideas and experience, mutual understanding, and equal rights and opportunities among  young people in Europe and in the Euromed countries;
  • Promote  intercultural understanding, equal opportunities, respect, active citizenship and solidarity;
  • Fight discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance;
  • Promote respect for the nature (ecofriendly attitude) and develop new job opportunities;
  • Involve young people with less opportunities.


  • In the field of non-formal and in-formal education, informing and communication (youth exchanges, training course, study sessions);
  • Activities for youth: voluntariate projects in local communities, sportive activities as an healthy lifestyle, sport as a tool for inclusion, eco projects of free expression for young people.