Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Telti Purchena

Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Telti Purchena

Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Telti Purchena

Mine Vaganti NGO applied on behalf Municipality of Telti an Europe for Citizens Twinning Activity approved by Central Agency in Bruxelles

The project “The cities of intercultural dialogue” is aimed to build a network of partners active in the field of sustanaible tourism in two peripherical Mediterranean cities affected by economical crisis.

The main aims are: to promote transnational cooperation among Italy and Spain, sharing and transfering information, good practice and knowledge on improving the quality of the life in rural areas through tourism through the offer of new work perspective for their inhabitants, to create a transnational learning network on sustainable tourism strategies in south regions, to revitalize the flow of tourism by strengthen the involvement of civil society.

MT and MP have many similarities: they belong to a South EC, they share the same Mediterranean culture, they are facing the same problems with the economical crisis, both of them are based in a really depressed area (affected by the geographical isolation: Internal rural area in Gallura and the deepest south region of Spain, Almeria) and their economy is mainly based on agriculture. During the recent past, both of them are facing an incresing phonemenon: youth brain drain. MT and MP share similar traditions and both of them realized an yearly intercultural event based on the promotion of the ancient traditions which are become during the years a strong economical driver.

The project consists in gathering 50 participants of different ages from both municipalities to create a moment of knowledge and mutual understanding and an occasion for exchanging ideas, raising awareness about common issues and studying solutions to common problems, new perspective of employment, discovering respective cultural heritage and having the pleasure to meet each other. Foreseen activities:

-Platform network: intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding through exchanging best practice;

-Creation of a common event

During the physical meeting, the two municipalities will read and sign the Twinning Oath.

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