Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Tempio Pausania-Barcelos

Europe For Citizens Town Twinning Tempio Pausania-Barcelos

12809876_1552010035127969_1401613732_oThe project ” Beyond the borders: Active Citizens build a new European perspective” took place in March 2016 and aimed to build a network of partners active in the field of active citizenship in two internal Mediterranean cities affected by depopulation. The main aims are: to promote transnational cooperation among Italy and Portugal, sharing and transferring information, good practice and knowledge on improving the quality of the life in inner depressed areas raising their opportunity stimulating the active citizenship.

The overall aim of the project was to stimulate active citizenship actions in between the two countries in order to facilitate the intercultural dialogue and to foster the sense of solidarity.

Both Municipalities are facing serious problems and both belong a really depressed areas (affected by the geographical isolation: Internal rural area in Gallura and the north region of Portugal) and their economy is mainly based on third sector.

MT and MB share similar traditions and both of them realized several local action based on the promotion of the active citizenship (voluntary work, university of the third ages, social tourism) which are become during the years a strong column of the population.

In time of economical crisis, stimulating the solidarity among citizens through be local actions means sorting out from the sense of isolation and frustration which affect the majority of the population.

MTP will host 50 participants of different ages from both municipalities to create a moment of knowledge and mutual understanding and an occasion for exchanging ideas, raising awareness about common issues and studying solutions to common problems, encouraging active citizenship and having the pleasure to meet each other.


-Platform network: create jointly action of exchange of volunteers and common future European projects

-Creation of a common event: the festival of the solidarity