Dance For Inclusion

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MVNGO is a partner in the Erasmus Plus KA1 project “Dance For Inclusion” (DFI), coordinated by the Spanish NGO Lagarto Negro. The project is a bilateral exchange between Italy and Spain including two Youth Exchanges, respectively in Purchena (Spain) and San Teodoro (Italy).

The Youth Exchange in Purchena (Music transcends borders )will take place in the period 5-12 June 2017, whereas the Youth Exchange in Italy (Dancing together towards the future) will take place in San Teodoro between 18 and 25 August 2017, in coincidence with the tourism itinerary “Summer Dream” implemented by Mine Vaganti NGO in the same locality.

The project will involve the participation of a total 44 youngsters coming from disadvantaged areas/peripheries in Italy and Spain (22 youngsters per youth exchange).

The project is aimed at promoting full social inclusion of youngsters living in disadvantaged rural and urban areas through two different Youth Exchanges based on Non Formal Education tools and methodologies involving the use of Music and Dance as the main educational instrument.

Whereas the economic development known by Europe in the second half of the 20th century has done a great deal in improving overall life standards, large pockets of underdevelopment (i.e. degraded urban peripheries, poor rural areas) still persist nowadays in all European countries. Such underdevelopment lays at the root of a large share of social exclusion issues affecting younger generations. Economic and social deprivation characterizing these contexts that are often seen as occupying a peripheral condition not only from a geographical and urban standpoint, but also in collective imaginary and perception, contribute in enforcing an effective disparity between youngsters living in such areas and their peers in the realm of social interactions, civic and political participation, access to education and employment.

The most likely result of this process in the long run is the diffusion of sentiments of perspectivlessness, self-contempt, anger and apathy that will affect the lives of these youngsters at all levels, while at the same time determining the potential development of a “lost generation” of excluded youngsters.

DFI aims at breaking this vicious cycle by bringing together youngsters from disadvantaged areas all over Europe in two YEs delivered through Non Formal Education methods based on the universal languages of Music and Dance, whose very nature makes them particularly suitable to bridge generational gaps and enact a dynamic of peer learning.

As universal and strictly non formal media of communication and education, Music and Dance will serve the purpose of conveying attitudes of self-esteem, active involvement, mutual respect and inclusiveness, in this way helping participants develop their personality in an healthy fashion and acquire a set of skills and attitudes that will favour their full participation, integration and successful engagement in all aspects of their life, from education to employment and civic participation. The overall objectives of the project are:

-To empower youth using music and dance as a tool of social inclusion, thus enhancing active citizenship, at both the national and international levels;

– To form a core of youth leaders/workers engaged in promoting social change within urban peripheries through Non Formal Education;

-To promote cooperation among European organizations in youth mobility and education.

Final results of the project will be respectively:

– A Concert held by participants in the main square of the activity venue (Purchena) at the end of the first Youth Exchange.

– A Flashmob implemented by participants in the main square of the activity venue (San Teodoro) at the end of the second Youth Exchange.