Inclusion Through Sport

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Mine Vaganti NGO coordinates from April 2016 a Capacity Building in the frame of Youth.

The Executive Agency in Bruxelles (EACEA) granted our project “Inclusion Through Sport” (ITS), which will include 12 partners from 4 continents: Italy (Mine Vaganti NGO), Romania (Surf the Earth Project-Step), Bulgaria (Sporten Klub Chempiyns Faktori), Kenya (DAAC International), Senegal (GNO FAR), Cameroon (Global Compassion), Philippines (Palawan State University), Hong Kong-China (The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong,), India (Baba Bhagwan Dass Educational Society), Guatemala (Techo – Guatemala), Peru (Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru) and Argentina (Circulo Raices Sardas).

ITS will have activities in Senegal, Kenya, Peru, Argentina and Italy: TC, Seminars and Job Shadowings.

A wonderful results for our team of European Project Managers who worked on the idea since almost 2 years.

Moreover, the project intends to foster Sport as a tool of inclusion, to solve interpersonal conflicts among youngsters, to promote tolerance and to assist young people to understand issues of diversity via non formal education.

The ITS intellectual outputs are a  Format TC, a Toolkit of ITS Best Practices and the  ITS Website.

Kick-off meeting in Sassari, 3-8 May 2016, 12 leaders from the partner organisations met to plan the first steps of the project.


Seminar in Senegal, July 2016


Training Course in Argentina, September 2016


Job-Shadowing in Peru 11-25 March, 2017


Job-Shadowing in Senegal, May 2017

Final Event/Conference Nairobi (Kenya) July 2017

Format TC ITS Publication

Handbook ITS FINAL